Testing the "Show Full Post" button

We’re aware that the “Show Full Post” button may not work if there’s no text in the source BB post, if the whole post is just …

  • a video
  • an image

… with no text commentary or just a sentence. I don’t think that’s fixable, because the Readability algorithm used has to have some text to work with, not just an image or video standing alone.

So what I want to troubleshoot here is posts that aren’t working with the Show Full Post button, that is, you click the Show Full Post button, and it shows zero content. I’ll start by testing the last 10 BB blog posts:

  1. The Hardware Hacker: Bunnie Huang’s tour-de-force on hardware hacking, reverse engineering, China, manufacturing, innovation and biohacking – SFP works fine :white_check_mark:
  2. Kissenger “simulates” kissing loved ones – SFP works fine :white_check_mark:
  3. The 20 games you shouldn’t miss in 2016 – SFP works fine :white_check_mark:
  4. In one take, this guy shows all the cool skills he learned in 2016 – SFP works fine :white_check_mark:
  5. Need a cheap diffuser for your camera flash? Try a white balloon – SFP works fine :white_check_mark:
  6. Adult site data reveals 2016’s top trends: Melania and Matures are way up – SFP works fine :white_check_mark:
  7. No, Russia didn’t hack Vermont’s power grid – SFP works fine :white_check_mark:
  8. White House report documents the “hidden fees” that pick America’s pockets – SFP works fine :white_check_mark:
  9. Your smart meter is very secure (against you) and very insecure (against hackers) – SFP works fine :white_check_mark:
  10. Are you ready for robots skinned with sensitive hairs? – SFP works fine :white_check_mark:

I’m not seeing a huge Show Full Post button problem. We are definitely aware that posts with zero content other than a video or image won’t work well, but why should they? The point is to extract text to read, the “body” of the article. An article with only a picture or a video has no body.

It seems to me the only alternative here is to have a seperate algorithm that kicks in and and takes over when you fail out of The Readability Algorhithm and just tries to dump the first picture or video in verbatim?


It really doesn’t. It shows the text, not the videos. I agree that this is not as bad as the ones where SFP just reveals a pointer to the blog, but those are most common in Mark’s posts, and we haven’t had many of those recently.


Here’s what it looks like in Firefox when I click the “readability” or “reader view” button:

Note no videos.

Yes, but the blog post has two videos as well as the text:

Had Andrea not included the videos both as embeddings and as links from the text, the article would have made no sense after SFP.

That’s not what reader view does, or is designed to do… here’s what reader view for that post looks like in Microsoft Edge:

And here is what reader mode looks like on Safari

[quote=“codinghorror, post:5, topic:92038”]
That’s not what reader view does, or is designed to do[/quote]
I can’t speak to what it is designed to do; most of us would like to be able to access as much of the original post as possible without too much clicking or leaving the BBS.

I agree that it is not as bad as posts where SFP does essentially nothing.

Here’s a recent one from Rob.

Click on SFP you get this:

Note the actual post at the BBS has both video and text.


this. they happen consistently, but not necessarily frequently. will definitely post all the ones I find here.

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I think there are some deep misunderstandings about what the button is supposed to do. Please click the “Reader” button on your browser (Safari, Edge, Firefox) and compare. That’s what it’s supposed to do.

Interestingly there is no reader mode in Chrome but there is this hack:

That said, I am open to a “couldn’t pull any body, so just pull the first video or image” algorithm that kicks in when readability / reader mode fails.

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wow, speak of the devil:

in the permalink, there is a pic followed by a sentence of text, a bunch of pics, and then a few more sentences of text.

from my experience, usually how it works is: videos are always removed but any text surrounding them comes through, pics usually do come through (I’ve noticed that comics generally don’t, though) but sometimes nothing comes through at all, like above.


My issue is not removing as many distracting elements as possible, but rather including as many pertinent elements as possible. I think this is what most people were asking for in the other thread.


One thing I noticed, and I don’t know if it’s a feature or a bug, but if I am looking at the full post, the whole page periodically refreshes, presumably to update notifications on my icon and new items added to the post, but the full post content collapses in the refresh.


So here’s an example of a typical Show Full Post failure.

Show Full Post is very insistent on signing up people to the newsletter.

I like how the Onebox of the actual article page gives a little video preview. Very slick.

And this is what Reader view on Firefox on Windows looks like.

Now here’s an interesting case.

The intro paragraph to this post shows up on the BBS even without clicking Show Full Post. Perhaps that’s because it’s a featured article and not a regular blog post?

Either way, Show Full Post pulls in all the images, but not the video.

Interestingly, the Onebox of the article grabs the header image that Show Full Post ignored.

In fact, Reader view didn’t bother to show any images at all, and it skipped the intro paragraph that the BBS showed.

And another oddball example:

Show Full Post gets us this:

Which is a weird combination of what the Reader view sees:

Plus this random comment from about halfway down the BBS thread:

Because, as it turns out, there are five comments from the BBS thread embedded into the BB article, but not displayed.

Okay, one last one. This is a typical Show Full Post malfunction

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All these minor bugs aside, I do get why the videos and sometimes other content don’t make it through. If they did, I (and many others) would only read BoingBoing through the ad-free BBS, and so no ad revenue would come from us. So I don’t really mind clicking through to the blog on those occasions.


Fair point but clicking the button and getting literally nothing kinda sucks. It is those cases I object to most not “oops missing a video but the text is otherwise there”


We’re with ya 100℅ on that, but how do we fix that? Ensure the bloggers never post video content without commentary?

Like I said, I don’t mind going the extra click to see that stuff. It’s a minor annoyance, but if that’s the price for keeping the BBS from being too much of a revenue-loser to keep around, then I’ll gladly pay it.

I’ll take this opportunity to once again voice my support for some kind of tip jar thingy to keep the BBS lights on. This community is important to me, and I want to actively support the platform.


Perhaps a default message about posts containing multimedia content and suggesting a click through. Something a little more verbose than “subscribe to the newsletter”


not a bad idea :thumbsup:


Have you considered subscribing to the newsletter, though?


What the SFP button is “supposed” to do and what we expect it to do seem to differ.