Modelling shoot interrupted


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I hate it when that happens. Especially at the grocery store.


You’d think a fashion photographer would have some clothespins or at least some duct tape lying around…


You’d think a professional model could zip his own pants too, but maybe union regs don’t allow it.


Trouser malfunction - there should be a PSA about this.


But … but … then we wouldn’t need entourages.


“I’m too sexy for these pants.” :notes:


Indeed. Gotta love how he pauses in place lest his epic pose go unrecorded.


Best part is that he gets two shots in before the pants fall off again.

I have so many questions about this video that my mind can’t quite formulate yet.




Clearly the wrong trousers.


I don’t understand how his britches were staying on in the first place.



I hate it when the model slacks off


Yeah, that is really strange. Maybe he doesn’t know how those new-fangled “zippers” work.

And the control panel’s been removed!


Dressing the models is someone’s job. He knows they’re going to have to come over and make adjustments even if he pulls his pants up himself. Also they seem to be cinched at the back with a binder clip or something; he’d have a hard time reattaching that.

Besides, models aren’t fazed by standing around undressed in front of people. It’s often part of the job description.


Your point is perfectly valid, but it just isn’t funny :slight_smile:


You’re right, of course. But - Gawd - I bet you’re fun at disaster investigations.


Models wear clothes much too large and they’re taken in with clips at the back–literally bulldog clips or clothespins. This creates the illusion of perfectly-tailored garments and gives complete control over draping, folds, etc, for shoots.

Since people have cottoned on to this in the cameras-everywhere, no-secrets internet era, fancy department stores will put XL garments on their mannequins clipped with ostentatiously large clips. Niemans even used brightly colored ones.

I haven’t seen it on the street yet!


Came to the comments for a Wallace and Gromit reference. Was not disappointed.

There’s a Saturday afternoon of fun in there for someone young at heart with some discreet wire-clippers.

So is porn fluffer. IJS, some jobs suck.


At the very least some staples. I’m sure the problem would never happen again.