Highly efficient model does a pose a second

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Why? I guess he’s paid by the job, not by the hour?


Alternate title: “Highly inefficient dancer only does one move per second”


I found it oddly funny at the 0:14 mark where the photographer drops the beat. Didn’t seem to phase the dancer though.

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But can he do “Blue Steel”?


I kind of wonder if that’s closer to what real modeling is in the sub-supermodel tier, anyway. A model probably wouldn’t get hired twice if he or she really wasted time (and therefore money) with the prima donna antics stereotypically associated with modeling. I expect a real professional would be trying to be as efficient as possible in a shoot, in order to keep a good reputation.

Or at least I’d like to think so. I am not a model (IANAM?), nor do I play one on TV.


Fashion models are generally paid by the hour. It’s often the photographer that hires them rather than the client (albeit with the client making the final decision), and if you’re hiring a model, you’re generally going to go with the one that helps give you the best final results. The more good shots you get, and the faster you get them, the happier everyone is.

The thing is, there’s a lot more skill involved in being a successful fashion model than people think. While they’re not all this quick, that’s often how fashion shoots go when you’re working with experienced models.They know what poses are most likely to work, both for their bodies and to show off the style of clothing they’re in. A good photographer will get more out of a skilled model in an hour than they’ll get out of an amateur in four, and their rates reflect that (along with some other factors, but that’s a whole different story).


That’s, like, 250 times as long as it takes a camera shutter to expose a frame depending on your lighting conditions.

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Why isn’t there a “Model Union”?

[note sarcasm]



This is the origin of voguing (which existed for years in the gay dance scene before Madonna mainstreamed it)

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