Instagrammers reveal the difference between a posed body and a relaxed one


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People have more fat around their midsection than they pretend they do. As a middle-aged man, who knew? :wink:


"the model in the magazine doesn’t even look like the model in the magazine most of the time.”

Given the liberal use of photoshop, in many cases they never look like in the magazine.


This post made me happy.
It has both truth and beauty.


Beauty is truth, truth beauty - That is all ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know.


i would like to request equal representation of male models.


Tummies scrunch when you aren’t standing? Gasp! I had no idea!

I… I probably shouldn’t tell you ladies this, but guys can “suck in their gut” when they take a pic. So when you meet a guy who looks like he gained 15+ pounds from the pic he sent the night before, just ask him to kindly stop breathing and he can regain that physique.


This is great! I’m slinny (slender bordering on skinny), and even I have a belly roll when I sit down! Now, there needs to be one for males, for certainly they must feel the same about seeing all those athletic types; I just think men aren’t as vocal about it. But they experience body-shame, too.


The pictures on the right look better than the pictures on the left.



There was a professional model on my cross country team in high school, a reasonably successful one. I think she got the cover of ‘bride’ magazine once, and was frequently absent to europe for work.

She looked a lot like she looked in pictures, somewhat more angular and awkward in real life, but still very beautiful.

Anyway we had our senior team picture one day. On a grassy hillside. She walked out into the grass to some particular spot, shook here long hair out into an enormous mane, and twisted her limbs out at rather awkward looking angles. We all kind of shuffled over next to her and attempted to smile.

The photo is hilarious. She is standing in the one patch of sunlight on the hill, and it is quite clearly a picture of her with a bunch of doofuses as backdrop. She looks twice as big with all that hair gleaming in the sun.



I have a relaxed one, for sure.


So women can suck in their gut as well … who knew?


I’m guessing that a lot of the people who comment negatively on other peoples’ bodies must want everyone to suck in their gut and stay perfectly posed 24/7.


One bit of psychology that may be worth mentioning here is that we are two eyed and combine both to create a picture. This means that when we look at another human being close up, we see further round their face and body than a single lens does. This means that photographs do, actually, make people look fatter in the face and body - by about up to 70mm - than they appear in reality. What’s more, you cannot really correct this in Photoshop because the information from the edge of the human viewpoint simply isn’t there. A stereo photograph makes people look “normal” but stereography never catches on for very long for some reason. (Yes, I did write a thesis on stereography.)
The effects on the face and bare waists are particularly pronounced.



Man, it’s almost as if human beings are composed of some sort of fleshy substance that folds and bulges and is subject to gravity. Who knew?

I’m guessing those people would rather that other people’s bodies were made up entirely of silicone or pixels.


I agree there should be one for guys. But while media culture does try to body-shame teh menz too, the real-world material consequences in terns of things like career opportunities disproportionately impact women due to general misogyny.

Anyway, there should really be a Lonely Island song on this topic.


A few of them are also wearing considerably more makeup on the left. And some of them are using the natural light of the space where the took the photo strategically so it’s more Golden Hour-ish on the left.


Are some of these not males? It’s anyone’s guess, isn’t it?