The most perfect gown ever for an astronaut party




The dress and shirts look really cool, unlike most haute couture, but the models all look vaguely dissatisfied about something.


Vaguely dissatisfied? More like “I am PISSED OFF and I am WALKING TOWARDS YOU.”

Fashion and fashion models can walk right off the end of the runway …and I hope it’s a long drop.


I used to have pyjamas like the ones the guy to the right of the woman is wearing. They didn’t have a moon pattern, but they were the same cut and the pants were also getting too short by the time I stopped wearing them. I never realised 7 year old me in the 80s was a look that would ever come back.


Probably not for the trypophobic


Heh, I knew I wouldn’t be the only one–my SO loves fashion so I am used to the Blue Steel look, but they just look angry. “Hey, you have a moon dress which looks awesome. How bout maybe an ironic smile?”


Fashion, second only to war in it’s capacity to destroy scarce resources for little-to-no discernible benefit.


I think she may be a tiny bit miffed that the dressed is spray-glued on (in lieu of tailoring). You can see the cobwebby threads under her left armpit.


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