Marc Jacobs' Burning Man frat party beachwear Victoriana


I have to confess that I’ve ever understood the fuss about Marc Jacobs. His stuff has always looked like stuff a coke-addled middle-schooler would come up with, and about as flattering. This stuff, however, indicates that perhaps he’s moved away from coke to LSD.

Those models frighten me. Is the whole “I want to murder you” look supposed to be sexy now?


Now? I don’t think it’s a new phenomenon.

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They are really pissed they have to wear this crap, especially after having skipped breakfast and lunch since the 8th grade.


the first two looks aren’t working for me (neither the clothes nor the expressions,) but I kinda dig the outfit being modeled by Mike D’s surly niece.

Poking fun at fashion, observational humour at its finest.

Eyes roll with such gusto I fall sideways

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Summary: “It was different than I expected, I don’t like it.”
Is this really a BoingBoing article? For a moment I thought I had taken a link to Cosmopolitan or something.
Plus, using the description

gothic Gotham costumery straight from your grandma’s attic

like it’s a bad thing … pffft.

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I would wear the hell out of all of that.

Look at it as inspiration to finally do the stuff you wanted to make yourself.

As for the models, well, I get the feeling that as soon as the cybernetics are there we are going to have models disappear, replaced by thin robots that look like they sprang from that Æon Flux animated series.

My hunch? Designers hate having humans wear their stuff, sullying their perfect creations.

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While there’s a couple things in here I kind of like, it largely looks like he raided the curtain/furniture fabric section of the store to make this stuff. Those giant tassels on everything especially! He really should have just taken it all the way and dressed everyone as actual furniture, or only made slipcovers and table cloths this season.

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I guess I don’t pay much attention to high fashion, so I’ve only just noticed.

Sneers (and/or) open mouths. It represents sexy being pissed off and a mouth breather.

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