Vogue's guide to Burningman fashion


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Burningman Fashions

Umm yeah if it wasn’t obvious Burningman had jumped the shark already…


Nothing says Burning Man like a $190 tie dye tshirt and a pair of shorts (price upon request).


If you haven’t looked at the fashion spread in the Vogue piece and the comments, it’s worth it. (Spoiler alert: not one supportive comment.)


Need to add that I had the rainbow embroidered pants when I was in sixth grade, except they were lower-waisted.


Wait, so the tunic is $170, but the shoes are $1000? This doesn’t feel super non-commercialish.





Well at least that shark jump is in wonderfully tacky style.


I will admit that I’ve never been to Burning Man*, but the authors/photographic-illustrators of that article appear to have not even done a modicum of research beyond theorizing it’s like Woodstock, right?

* Not under oath.


Okay, haven’t been – never going. But I’m pretty sure I can say without fear of contradiction that high heels are probably not a good idea.


Not sure why, but the article made me think of this…


This! I looked at all those, and wondered if I was the only one old enough to remember that crap. I didn’t think the folks I’ve known to have gone were into the whole hippie 1960s look.




Next stop, NOWHERE!!!


Oh honey you are suck a kidde…aaaah.


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