There's a semi-secret Burning Man calendar that you can (shockingly) buy

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Burning Money


we need more stuff like this…
(tried looking for a post by philip torrone but it’s gone)

i’m surprised this calendar isn’t more well known. it’s always gorgeous. i know people who have every single one – i wish i was one them.

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I’m actually not seeing a calendar available, at the link from the bottom of this really interesting article.

Is anyone else seeing it?

He sure is looking glitzy these days. Didn’t he used to be made out of lumber?

Yes, I’m seeing it…(I mean, I got to it…)

I wonder, which link did you follow?

The last time I went was in 2000 and much of it was under the influence of hallucinogens, but if I remember correctly there was always some kind of lighting mounted on the man. And yes, it is still wood underneath and I’m pretty sure they remove the glitz before the main burn.

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“What is it?” That’s a standard question on the playa, so this ‘thing’ would fit right in.

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monster speaker is the naomi I seem to remember

I kinda like hallucinogens, so don’t get me wrong, but that sounds just like the ‘really important event’ that I have heard a lot about. ’ Went to BM, don’t really recall any details, but it changed my life and my I look great in these photos, kind of thing. ’

What more is there? Honest question. I’m a cynic but not going to doubt any stories of personal growth or transformation! Just keep not hearing any. Seems to be about the drugs and hot people like, well, every other normal thing is. Am I wrong?

So, does that mean the calendar is on super double secret probation or something?

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Insular status symbol :ballot_box_with_check:
Artificial scarcity :ballot_box_with_check:
Material envy :ballot_box_with_check:

Congratulations. You’ve invented…consumer capitalism!

Note: I snark in jest. I’ve never been, but I think Burning Man is an awesome expression of human creativity and am glad those with the time and funds enjoy it.

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Apparently, the semi-secret Burning Man calendar costs burning money!

It’s always been mysterious - if they find out, they’ll make the laws more strict.

In the end, they’ve got to burn a man - a Giant Man - that’s what the Burning Man fest(ival) has always been about. Recreationers and their fuel, being burned in total so they can really get surviving out there - together - and that’s what they went there for - to live away and survive like there’s no tomorrow, only to return, wantingly to the conveniences of modern life.

There never was a Burning Man calendar before, so to hear there’s one now is good news for Burning Man and RVing fans around the USA.

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They say that about the sixties, but I have documentary proof I was there, albeit very small.


Nope, no life changing events at Burning Man and I never had a photo taken of me of myself or by anyone else. I went because a good friend of mine had gone every year from 95-2015 and he convinced me to go. I went in 98,99 and 2000. 99 was by far my best year. I remember everything in all of my experiences there, the fantastic art events out on the playa and the fact that humans put so much labor and resources into building huge, fantastic art structures and then burn them to the ground… that is pretty mind blowing in itself. Tripping at night and wandering around the playa out in the middle of nowhere and stumbling upon these bizarre art exhibits with nobody else around was pretty mind blowing, but then, I had been dropping acid and eating shrooms since I was 16, so it was all in context. But just to get out there, carrying all your water and everything else got tiresome and every year the prices of the ticket got higher. I had experienced the Man three times and it was enough for me, I was Burning Manned out, but truly, I would recommend everyone to go just once. I say that because I suppose the best thing I can say about Burning Man is you’ll see things there you will definitely not see anywhere else. On a side note, my life transformation did come from hallucinogens. I was raised in a very strict hard core conservative Methodist upbringing and I towed the ideological line when I was younger. Even at such a young age I believed the end justifies the means, which is now manifesting itself in our world today, lies, hatred, misogyny, racism, greed… you get the picture, I was all up into it. I was a young xtian soldier fighting on to war. To make a long story short, I ended up dropping acid and had a complete life altering experience and I walked away from my upbringing and I was kicked out of my house when I was 17.5 y/o. I never looked back. I suppose the good thing I can say about being raised in an environment based on such unfettered hatred is I know the psyche of the other half… the half that is trying to destroy us all in the name of Dog.

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