Burning Man said to be "wealthy libertarian fantasy world" and cautionary tale


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Did anyone actually thought otherwise?


It heralds their ideal world: one where vague notions of participation
replace real democracy, and the only form of taxation is self-imposed

Crazy me - I thought people went to it because it was fun.


People have been telling me Burning Man is over now for 16 years. Every f’ing year it is another person says it.

Frankly, I’m getting a bit tired of it.


Just pay some more money and they’ll all go away.


The ticket price of $800 / $390 (low income) should have been a dead giveaway, @beschizza.


The $800 dollar ones are pre-sale. Then the tickets are $390 when the normal sale starts.


Still a bit steep, don’t you think?


Yeah but so what? I couldn’t buy the $800 unless I had the money ( even then maybe not).
One would pay 400 for a xbone or ps4 and save up to do it. Same with a ticket.
Although the ticket is far more worth it imo.


This article seems to have been written by someone who read a lot of other articles about Burning Man, what it’s supposed to be, and what’s wrong with it, but never actually was there or got involved.


That’s not even the scalped prices.


Most hate articles seem to be that way.


Gentification eventually hits every boho neighborhood.


Well, duh! The $400 xbone will be non-functional within 5 days, while your BM ticket will last for years and years! (depending upon BLM agents, bug infestations, VC money, &c.)

What I find amusing is that everyone who thinks that BM is silly is labelled a “hater” or a “Suppressive Person”.


It sucks when something you love changes into something you don’t love. I don’t go to Burning Man, but I can relate to the folks who are losing the festival they love. I can also relate to the people who are doing the changing. Hopefully those two groups will find a way to make it work together, or else part ways.


Burning Galt.


Is the story here that rich people get privilege and access to more “stuff” than your average normal person?

If anything, the story just points out that 1%s can manipulate these type of loose organizations to a greater degree based on their significantly larger resources. Surprise?


Suggestion: Price tickets at $5000 apiece but then 9 people get to come (from some sort of application process) for free. So you get 10% rich people subsidizing the 90%.


His short writers bio refers to him as a retired burner. So it can be safely assumed that he’s been once or twice at the very least.



His other piece for Jacobin, Fear of a Capitalist Planet, about “active” SETI, is a bit strange,