See you at Burning Man!


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No. You will not see me there.


Damn, missing another year in a row.
Any one else headed home, drive safe. )’(


Dammit; you beat me to it, Japh!


The hell you will.


One of the career drawbacks of being a full time educator in the U.S. is that most of us will never be able to take a week off in late August/early September. Enjoy!


In before like 50 posts of poorly-rationalized fury that some people are, even as we speak, having fun in a non-approved fashion.

I’m making a bingo card! Free spaces are “I heard this one asshole went there,” “probably bad for the environment somehow,” and “their clothes are weird.” Feel free to suggest more!


I wasn’t going to, but since you threw down the gauntlet:

The event is too big, expensive, and lost relevance around the time the Cacophony Society failed to do anything new that made headlines.

(How many squares did I get?)


Have fun! I seem to be not going this year, but I do enough little events in my home town (mostly with the Loud Bike) that it’s not a downer. Besides, I just drove the LeMons Rally in an Edsel, which was a lot like driving to Burning Man and back and there again and back again.


(post withdrawn by author, will be injected with bacon grease in 36 hours unless flogged)


the meringue of the latch is to come up with some concept to show off with
(any news on the new property acquisition)

I recorded an experimental .govt early warning system that the channel 4
’equinox series’ televised around the eighties but do you think I can find it… :frowning:


You got “not relevant, whatever that means” and “I am angry that things cost money!” Thank you for playing. :slight_smile:

I can’t come up with a pithy soundbite for “too big”, partly because that’s a matter of taste, but it does seem like the standards for “too big” should be higher in the middle of a bloody great desert. The more people come, the more they get spread out; it’s not like packing 50,000 people into a convention center.

About the money, yeah, $400-$500 is a solid chunk of cash, but that’s how much things like this cost. I don’t think you’ll find many major entertainment events anywhere, indoor or outdoor, that cost less per attendee per day; and they do offer 4000 half-price “financial hardship” tickets. Their website has a good rundown of the costs involved.


I was mainly being facetious. As far as " major entertainment events" go, I’m not really into those. I like do it / build it yourself. Also, low impact if possible. (Did I earn another square?)


Indeed. :slight_smile: It’s all good; I’m just winding up the people who get genuinely furious for no good reason, generally because they’ve constructed this imaginary playground for irresponsible druggie hedonist trustfunders out of two photos and a rumor.


I never said I wouldn’t be there, just that you won’t see me. (Tweed plus a Someone Else’s Problem field generator)



I hear that!! When i started my career in post secondary administration I didnt think about its affect on my ability to return to Burning Man! Doh! Stupid stable union jobs!!


Meh, not my thing but have fun.


Perhaps not many, but I do attend several every year. No burning man for me, because I would be the burning man. The sun hates me, I don’t need any more melanoma.


If I ever figure out what exactly Burning Man is, I might go.

All I can say with certainty is: cooler people than I go there, and uncooler people than I go there.