Company that pampers rich people at Burning Man won't give up


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Alternatives to Burning Man

Do people even still get laid at this party?


Antoine Sepulchre?


“Company that pampers rich people at Burning Man”

Irony at its’ best.


Would you even notice among all the comfortably slumming Bay Area techbros?

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

Best week to visit the Bay Area, just sayin’


I’ve gotten laid at Burning Man, even as recently as the 2015 Burn.


Because they’re all rich assholes?


Was there actually another living, breathing human being with you / by you / touching you at the time of said “laid”?



Yep. My wife. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t help but think that the people who organise Burning Man nowadays do so only as a secondary event to one which is more like what it used to be, open only to carefully selected invitees. This secret Burning Man is the real one and much more akin to the burning man of the 1980s when attendance was in the 100s range rather than the 75,000 who attended the 2015 event.


“The Week Before”


Even more separate. In a different place and not advertised.


Yep. My wife.


We call that camping.


That is I guess what passes for “laid” nowadays.

Sadly so…


Advertisement of said “laid” is real classy. If you don’t believe me ask your “wife”.


My impression is that Burning Man was ALREADY pampering to rich people … well-to-do urban hipsters, ravers, and vacationing hedonists. It’s been my experience that the folks I know who go or have gone to Burning Man are young IT professionals making 5-6 figures ez.

Isn’t BM kinda over itself by now anyway?


You mean that poor people have difficulty taking that much time off to head to the middle of nowhere?