Coming to Burning Man? Join our "Assassination Army" game!

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Sounds like a good time, until one of the rich guys hires one of those fire fighting planes to dump a load of water on everyone. Actually in the heat, that sounds kinda refreshing.


I really wish I could get out there again. I haven’t been home since 2011 and really need a recharge.

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I’ma pass on that one.

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Riddle me this: Center Camp is at 6:00. How can you be simultaneously at 6:00 and 8:30? Sounds like a very liminal camp indeed. :slight_smile:

Then don’t go? It’s for adventurous, curious souls; not for the faint of heart.

…I should buy a water gun…(just for my own summer water shenanigans, happy burn tho)

Bossfight: you and your squad vs. the sprinkler truck!

I hope the honourable ladies and gentlemen of the liminal laboratory are running things properly:

It just wouldn’t do to disrespect the proper form, especially when it is available in the public domain.

You’re right. I did not pick up that the fourth reason listed was your main limiting factor.

Frankly, “nobody I know is even doing it and it’s, like, sooo mainstream” sounds more silicon valley hipster than calling someone out for sour grapes-ing an event they’ve never been to.

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Back on track… this is an awesome idea to get people out and exploring the city. I’m forwarding this to my crusty punks at 2 o’clock and K.

No one in my current city. You’re being pretty rude dismissive and condescending. I did not live in Silicon Valley , I have never worked for a FAANG.

I did intern at a pretty well known open source company whose employees told me I wasn’t missing much not going.

You now know money was the main limit but you choose to attack the arguments you can refute. Sorry I apparently touched a nerve, but I stand by my statement it’s become an event extremely difficult to do on a budget, and even if one found a way it’d be hard to find the right kind of folks to do on a budget with.

(@doctorow seems nice but he’s a busy guy and we’re a big board, I don’t think we can just stumble into his camp and demand a unicorn chaser :wink:)

Apologies, fellow mutant. Your sweeping generalizations did indeed touch a nerve. You might find the BM community is much more collaborative and supportive than you imagine, were you to actively engage it. Where there’s a will there’s a way… and low income tickets.

The issue isn’t tickets it’s gear (Gear is expensive to ship and more expensive to buy on site)

Me showing up unprepared isn’t just an imposition like eating the last burger, it’s dangerous to myself and those whose supplies I’d deplete since there’s no in n out to make a 2nd run to. The desert is dangerous.

I’ve put thought into it, and coming at me with “there are discounted tickets” doesn’t address the point I’m now making for the third time.

I’m not saying it’s bad, if I lived driving distance like in Vegas or LA I’d totally consider. But I don’t.

war games at burning man…
they serve happy meals yet?

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