Meteorite shoes



Exfoliate as you walk?

Looks uncomfortable. Liable to snag into things.

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I have been told repeatedly over the years that fashion ≠ comfort. (Though I would like to see if the bottom of the shoes are flat or bumpy because then we can add falling down to the list of discomforts.)


What’s the point of fashion, then? Achieving some sort of status by displaying the amount of discomfort one is willing to bear? Kind of like certain tattoo or scarification techniques in indigenous societies?

EXTREEEM exfoliation. Your exposed bones and muscles have never looked better!


“The prince broke up the moon he just made. Rich people sure are different!”

Also, the aluminium foam will be a bitch to keep clean.

That said, metal foams are a fascinating class of materials. I have a piece of aluminium closed-cell foam I sweettalked out of a guy at an industrial fair. It is pretty, and it floats on water. If it could be anodized, slabs of it could be made into interesting jewellery.

So the person wearing them wolud be a meteorite show-er?


I can’t tell if that is sarcasm or not, but the answer to those questions is yes. It is always about status, if you are lucky it might not include sacrifice, but if you don’t sacrifice to grow those antlers how are the lady moose going to know you are really fit?

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I imagine that it’s something that Lady Gaga will wear to one award show and then forget about.

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As a man who has been kicked in the nuts more than a few times, all I have to say is “ouch”.


Not really. According to the pictures they’re anti-gravity shoes so they’ll never touch the ground.


Resemble? Resemble?? What ever happened to real substance? I want shoes that fly down from space and smash my feet to smithereens. Those would be meteorite shoes!


Looks like balled up aluminum foil to me.


Getting you to talk about it, actually. And it worked.

That’s the point. Pointing. Provoking a response. What else is art for?


I think these are pretty cool. Probably very uncomfortable and impractical, but people wear uncomfortable and impractical stuff all the time without being interesting.

Maybe the point is falling down. Maybe the photos were taken at the moment before impact and she’s about to make a giant crater?


Shoes? They look like a pair of rubber ducks from this angle…

Maybe I just don’t like bumpy shoes, but I find these shoes very fugly.

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