Frighteningly strange high-heeled "skin shoes" now for sale


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Oh…awesome. Now I know what tonight’s nightmare fuel is. THANKS BOING BOING


“That’s it, that’s every pair of shoes in the shop! …unless you want to try The Cruel Shoes…”


Pity they added the extra spur above the heel. This would be more surreal and thus even more disturbing if it weren’t there.


“Or, if you don’t like those, we have Vibram Five Fingers”

“. . . actually, can I see the skin heels again?”


The level of squick this produces is impressive. They’re truly magnificent.


Oh no no no! You put little LEDs on the tips just in case nobody notices. Or a little motor and fishy fins.

Or …, or …

I see fashion gold here. You only have to get _any _ Kardashian to wear them once.


Not ‘frightening’, just fugly.


“The shoe is like when you are going to Chanel to get a wedding dress… The starting rate for the thigh-high is $10,000.”

Finally - a product every woman can relate to.


thank you, thank you. not many people remember that Steve Martin bit. usually when i quote it, i get blank stares.


please make it stop


SiliconE, dammit.


(Or the SNL skit would have been about Conheads!)


wow, I never heard that before and had to google it


Do they sell them in everyone’s skin color? Should you be allowed to wear ones that don’t match your own color?


They would be in the uncanny valley without those plexiglass pieces, they ruin it for me.


it’s on his album “comedy is not pretty,” i believe.


Kind of weird how that gradient map starts out all mineral, but rapidly progresses to food items


They should have been made to look like a thick layer of horn or hoof or something. Unless “devil woman on a pedestal” was the real message?


Rosemary’s baby, all grown up and sprouting high-heeled feet.