LED sneakers whose soles glow in seven ultra-bright colors


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You can’t really call them ‘sneakers’ any more, no?

/ it’s pretty much a sure thing that somewhere, some dimwitted perp will be caught because he was wearing these.


You know those blinky shoes little kids wear? There’s a reason adults don’t wear them.


too small?


I’ll totally get a pair of these when they’re available in a style that doesn’t say no-name brand from K-mart.

Or when they’re available at a no-name brand price. US$95 is entry-level Nike money.


Here you go: https://learn.adafruit.com/firewalker-led-sneakers/overview

It takes a bit more effort, but the results look much better in my opinion.


And it’s the same reason I have never worn jelly shoes.


That’s exactly why I didn’t wear them. Until I found these shoes, and bought a pair.

I really like that the button to turn on the LEDs is positioned so that when you put the shoe on, your foot presses the button once - it’s like the scene in a superhero / giant mecha type movie where the power suit powers up in response to being put on.


Search for “light up shoes” on Aliexpress.com - you can get them from the same wholesalers Fancy is probably using, at something much closer to a wholesale price. They all have the same soles, but there’s a lot of different uppers to choose from.


Thanks! These will go great with my DIY Underlit LED Skirt.



True. I wouldn’t mind a pair of roller shoes, though.


You wear it well.





They do make heelys in adult sizes – they don’t retract, though (you have to remove/insert the wheel manually).
Adult Heelys: Amazon


Yeah, those are the ones - with the “SIMULATION” soles. There are some other ones that have different and slightly less clunky soles, but they don’t have the multiple changing colours.

They’re really quite bright and spectacular at night or in a dark club.

Repeatedly stomping on electronic devices is not the best approach to making them last long. I’ve worn mine only a handful of times - dancing, running, outside in rain and wet grass, not super gentle on them. There are now two lights on one shoe where the red LED doesn’t work. I won’t be surprised if they continue to suffer further failures; if it turns out I’ve spent $5 per time I got to wear them in full working order, I’m alright with that.


'cept it says SIUMULATION.

Which makes me like them all the moreso.

The Precession of Siumlacra.


except it says SIUMLATION


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Spotted in Berlin already last week. Pretty swag.