Turn your shoes into roller skates


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Why would you buy detachable skates when you can buy retractable skates?

And don’t think that this is a new idea: a more fashionable version were featured on the “Roller Disco” episode of CHiPs back in 1979.


Veja sneakers are my favorite right bow!


Reminds me of my old K2 Klicker snowboard bindings. Except these look way more fiddly to get on and off.




re:picture with doc martens… wonder how the shoes feel after puncturing the air sole?




The more things change the more they stay the same.




Those things were always the worst! They never worked right.


That might be my favorite part of that movie!


I prefer this version:


The Dollyrots are pretty cool too.


i LOVED that episode of CHiPs, haha. when she pops those wheels and then skates off during her getaway, we were going, “whuuuuuuutttt??” – and then later that week a girl in my class suddenly showed up with a pair. she was the coolest girl in school for awhile.


I had these in the 80s. I can’t tell the difference.


maybe that was just the ones you tried.


Maybe so.


i’ve never heard of such a thing - - image


That thing involves strings. And everyone knows that nobody under the age of 30 (target market for this nonsense?) knows how to tie shoelaces and demands velcro (oops, sorry, ‘hook and loop’) or other easy/automated/tie once and forget style fastenings.

And vacate my greensward while you are at it.


My 15 year old can tie her shoes, as can pretty much her entire class… But I’m sure she’ll be glad to get off your lawn! :wink: