Freaky stick-on shoes for the soles of your feet


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If these hold up to salt water then they would be amazing when I’m walking across wet rocks full of sea urchins.


They say it’s intended for situations like that on their website, so I am all in if the price makes sense.


I could see them having novel use, if they are a buck or two a pop.

Otherwise, I’ll stick with all my creepy toe shoes that everyone loves to rag on.



I wonder how well they would stand up to running. Might be better than full-on barefoot running, or those Five Finger jobs.


$3-ish each, based on on Euro to USD conversion, in a 10-pack - $30-ish total. Doesn’t sound like horrible pricing.


I’d wear them on the beach or at the pool instead of flipflops, that is if they actually seal to the foot and don’t let sand in.


Saw the headline and thought sticky sandals were making a comeback:


Finally, a disposable, single-use version of something we already have widely available!


Tabi reef shoes are what you need


Thats a pass from me, I just want a little extra grip/protection.


Lou Ferrigno could have used these instead of wearing green sneakers for those pesky long shots.


Seems like these would have to be perfectly tailored to the shape and size of your feet for them to work, they couldn’t get away with only fitting as well as a pair of shoes… if they’re too small or the wrong shape, they don’t offer protection, if they’re too big, they flop around, catch on things and come off. Yet they seem to be selling them as more or less “one size fits all.”


It’s a shame they’re grippy. They’d be great for dancing if they slipped a bit.


seriously…are these really necessary when you have these?


you should watch the kickstarter video for them. when the one guy is removing his it becomes obvious that the material is quite stretchy. that’s probably why they can do one size fits all.


Look- I have less fashion sense than Rodney Dangerfield, and even I know not to design beachwear that looks like black socks with sandals.


What you want are these:


I can hardly wait to get some of these, just so that I can argue with people at local stores that “I am indeed wearing shoes - you just can’t see them!”


If only they came in beige. Wouldn’t half the point of wearing such things be running around pretending to be a hobbit, fairy and/or Toph Beifong?