These rubber shoes look better than Crocs (and are cheaper)

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Those actually look kind of cool too bad most of the sizes are sold out.

Wow, I didn’t know Cronenbeg made shoes.
Seen in the related product section.


Looks like a pair of Crocs had a baby with a pair of Chucks, and the Chucks’ genes were dominant.

Still, pass


reminds me of my starving artist mime days where the only footwear i possessed was a pair of black canvas Chinese slippers with a woven cotton string sole - i went through two pretty bad-ass winters with that being the only thing covering my feet - this (at that time) would have been fucking luxury


My wife and I both have a pair for wearing around the house. They are fantastically comfortable. I might get a 2nd pair for deck shoes for boating.


How are these when your feet are hot and/or sweaty? Do they feel wet/funky?


i have wanted these since you first mentioned them, and they are always sold out of my size. sigh.


Fine. I bit. Thankfully the navy chucks looking ones were still in stock for a men’s 12 and were only $16. I’m worried about arch support, but that’s what insoles are for and if they were actually a pair of chucks they’d be more expensive and I’d still have to buy insoles…

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These have been the must-have playground footwear for kids in Brooklyn for a few years, which is quite a recommendation all on it’s own.

Any one know how good their arch support is?

I would say their arch support is minimal, but the fit is generally snug, so they don’t feel quite like an ordinary shoe, being so much lighter.

I was immediately attracted to them and bought all sorts of varieties; the Jeffersons, the Jimmy Duck boots, the Apollo Moc, the cloth Miles slip-on.

Because they are so light they feel exhilarating most of the time.

Yes it is still possible to sweat when wearing them, but that generally doesn’t make them more uncomfortable to wear, since they are so breathable.

One thing I would caution you about; the soles will eventually wear out (after about 1 year dedicated wear?), and when the rubber goes ‘bald’, the shoes can get very slippery on wet surfaces. Know when to recycle your shoes. Your shoe retailer may have a recycling program, the Native stores do I believe.I actually successfully re-healed the Jimmy Duck boot, which extended the life at least 2x. (The ball of the foot eventually wore out as well.)

Gahh! those are fugly, I much prefer my Crocs w/ Socks.

now I know Frauenfelder is in with Big-anti-Croc!


Thanks. Your input was quite helpful.

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