This rubber wonder is my favorite shoe

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I bought a pair on your prior recommendation and I like them (indeed, I am wearing them now). Only trouble is my feet are really wide (4E) and they apparently only make them in a standard width. So for me they get a little sticky, but they are great for the pool / beach / running the cans down / a short trip to the store, but they don’t quite hold up for all day use, more’s the pity.


I think the one time I met Cory he was wearing these. And a Volante Design jacket.

Start planning your Cory Doctorow Halloween costume now!


Hmm, something in which a BBer truly delights and want to share with the world. One would think they would sell this in the shop.

That one would not be me.


And he is! I’ve never heard of these before so it’s kind of cool to hear the back story.

To my mind, BoingBoing doesn’t have a shop any more. They have an agreement with StackSocial that lets StackSocial post to BoingBoing using BB’s own CMS and to use BoingBoing’s branding (or any of it’s other affiliates on their respective websites).


“These shoes have helped me to become the person I am today.”

Ahh life, sometimes its the little things that count the most, like red rubber shoes.


I like the shoes but i have found that sizing isn’t super consistent. The first pair ran a bit big, the next pair was more snug but loosened with use and i have another pair in a more business friendly style and it is really snug and really narrow so i haven’t worn them much. Another potential issue is that sometimes they might not have certain sizes in stock so i’ve had to either remember to check back in months later or try to get what i need through another side like Zappos.

Overall though i like them, they look nicer than Crocs and when people notice them universally i’ve gotten complements or surprised type of comments but in a good way.

If i was going to recommend another brand of shoe that is lesser known i really love my Zigzag shoes, i have two different color styles but my fave is the herringbone. They used to be real cheap at 20 bucks, they’re $35 now but the soles are real comfy. Not the most durable but if you prioritize comfort i recommend them

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One would assume that an all foam rubber shoe would wear out quickly and some of the amazon reviews seem to indicate that.


All foam rubber?
I would go through those like prunes through a granny if I used them as actual shoes…

kinda like a mashup Crocs and Chucks…
so, Crucks™?

ETA: I only need a left one, men’s 13. anyone need the right?


I’m thankful that I live in a country where I can sit around and talk about how thankful I am to own a pair of rubber shoes.

Meanwhile on the landing page…

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Getting commissions from affiliate links is not a new thing for BoingBoing, but the disclosure has not always been something people noticed since there is no notice on the BBS “show full post” pages on the bbs subdomain, instead the notices are at the bottom each main post page on the primary domain, and, previously, only in the privacy policy. The Geni dot us interstitial redirect does localized re-directs, and gives meaningful notice that the link is an affiliate link in a way that keeps everyone informed.


No cape?


So please answer me this. Boingboing spends countless electrons blasting Big
Tech and how they abuse the rest of us. But, conversely (pardon the pun), in this post, they link to effing Amazon, instead of the manufacturer’s web site. That seems like sleeping with the enemy. Saguaro, the manufacturer, can be found here by the way:
(3 doubleyous) (dot) saguaroshoe (dot) com/collections/garden-shoes

Affiliate links are one of the primary, and less obtrusive, ways BB is able to make money. Amazon makes it easy to offer affiliate links to a wide variety of products with a single agreement rather than trying to make agreements with multiple companies. I support fully disclosed affiliate links over, say, 3d party served pop up ads of questionable virtue.

I get the impression that some editorial posts would not have been posted if the item the post is about lacked a vendor with an affiliate link for BB. But I’ve also been told that my impression is nonsense. :woman_shrugging: Even so, I’ll still take fully disclosed affiliate links over many other types of on-line advertising.


What goes on my feet is very important, but you won’t see me wearing these. It’s the weather’s fault. This very well ventilated design that I’m looking through will have to wait until I’m somewhere warm. Yes, I could drive my car to Disneyland in these, but where would these be practical in rainy northern Europe? Nowhere, man. No (true) Scotsman or Norwegian would be able to use these.

But wait, perhaps I’m being too harsh. The word is that both Mark and Corey have used these and enjoyed them, so I’ll leave you to see if these beat all other shoes on offer. Think for yourself if they would be good for you.

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the incredibles madonna GIF




I… I have no response to that.