This rubber wonder is my favorite shoe

Yeah …well I will start wearing these when they start making them out of a durable cheese that pairs well with the ad copy.

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One would not be complete without… Aw, dang it, other people beat me to it.

To anyone wondering WTF those are all about, here is the XKCD from 2007 that Cory was referencing when he wore that outfit:




I remember this now. Simpler times.

My daughter had a pair when she was 6. By the time she outgrew them a year later there was definite wearing in the soles, mostly sloping at the edges.

Edit: Actually she was wearing Natives. They seem almost identical to these Saguaros, I’m not sure which came first.

Edit edit: And the internet really isn’t helping me. I can’t find a single article that mentions both Native and Saguaro shoes, let alone compares them.

Natives, just like Crocs do wear out quick and the soles can end up being fairly smooth, which is a gigantic hazard when walking on wet concrete. Still the Native shoes are comfy as hell, i will still wear mine when the weather is right

I bought a pair for our trip to New Orleans after seeing yours ( see selfeet shot ) at Maker Faire 2010. This day they were blue. I do not like open-toe sandals and needed some TSA easy to slip off foot covers for the trip.
Thank you for the idea.

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