Hickies: colorful rubber replacement laces for your shoes and boots


Interesting sense of style.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I was getting a major Wicked Witch of the East vibe from that pic… Cool laces, though!


Very cool. Love the “laces.” But what I really want to know, Cory, is where those boots came from, and where I can get a pair. They’re far cooler than the Hickies.


I think Lazes are a bit better than Hickies maybe… http://www.lazes.com/

Either way, these are definitely handy during security theatre etc…

@smoobly the books look suspiciously like trippens from a few years back. i have four pairs myself and can vouch for their quality. https://www.trippen.com/trippen.html

Maybe Pippi Longstocking, too? Anyway, after yesterday’s typo on the rubber bands, I fully expect these guys to be giggling and jiggling, especially in their amusing environment with those socks and boots.

Came here to say that. Sweet boots.

Aaaaaargh! Placeholder page! Eh, I am too poor for new boots anyway.

My first thought was: they’ve killed ronald mcdonald.


They’re Cydwoqs.



I was one of the kickstarter backers for Hickies, and I can tell you that I was highly disappointed in what I got. Hopefully the quality has improved since their initial runs. What I got had the little buds off center and they had almost zero elasticity (which is important if you have laces designed to never open).

My comments to the manufacturers were received and answered with “sorry to hear that. Here’s a 20% off coupon for another order.”

Those boots with that color scheme do totally look wicked witch though. Give us your best cackle!

CYDWOQ - Ebay for me, the same model; very comfy.

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Outstanding. Thanks much.

Forget the laces. I want a pair of those socks.

So that’s what the POV of the witch of the East looked like. :slight_smile:

These are a great idea. For all the advancements in science, I think it’s weird we still use shoelaces (this thought also stems from breaking so many laces in my high school skateboarding days.)

For a more understated look, you can also buy round black elastic cord and use that, or use white elastic band for more casual shoes. I learned this in middle school from Todd Oldham on House of Style.

I just use old bike tire tubes that I cut into strips. They do breakdown and need to be replaced but they are black, like my soul would be, if I still had one…

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I think they look like those retarded “energy/balance” bracelets that rubes would buy at the mall

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