Learn to lace your shoes 45 different ways


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Fun fact. I haven’t worn laced shoes in probably 15+ years (other than dress shoes on occasion).

Sketchers FTW.


Loafers here.


When I see a reference to this guy, I hear in my head “how to tie an Ian knot”. It comes from watching this video over and over on repeat until I got it right (this was back in the pre-Youtube days, when you had to download videos):


My shoes have lockout devices on the laces, so I can’t change them at all.


I know, right?


Am I doing this right?


I would say yes.


Learn to lace your shoes 45 different ways

I will do no such thing. Good day sir.



I gotta say, lacing can make a difference.

I was suffering from some pretty significant soreness along the tops of my feet. After some googling, I tried switching to a ladder lacing setup (courtesy this site), and the went on to add a heel-lock.

My shoes fit better, the pain has gone, and the laces don’t come loose unless I want them to.


Lacing DRM can go F :cat:CK itself (and Ian too).


I was thinking “DRM”, but had trouble figuring what the “digital” part of it would be.

And why so much vitriol for this “Ian” person? I never mentioned him, not once!

Humans normally have five digits on each extremity.


Sounds exhausting!


Ian’s website is one of those handful of websites that has been around a very long time, remains useful, and hasn’t felt the need to change much (though it has gotten a few nice upgrades over the years). Just good useful stuff!


Y’all are going to laugh, but… every pair of casual shoes I own has bungee laces. And all the kids shoes either have bungee laces or velcro closures. I just love those things! No more broken shoelaces, no knots.


I’m an enthusiastic supporter of doing what works for you. AKA I myself am strange and unusual.

All my shoes are laced in a non-standard, mirrored fashion, for a relevant example.

Now what’s this about bungee shoe laces. I am intrigued. :laughing:


These are the ones I prefer. There are a lot of different kinds, though.


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