Why shoelaces become untied


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Untied shoelaces were a bane of my life until I found this method (not necessarily from here though) http://www.theoreticalken.com/2008/06/29/how-i-tie-my-shoelaces/ With this method they just stay tied.


Foot shoes… Really?


I double tie, always.


Because the shoes were oversold and the Airport Security was called in.

Oh…You said untied and I read United.


would you prefer Handschuhe?


Of course Germans would call gloves hand shoes.


Bixwitt has the right idea, simple fast and the uneven loops tighten the knot, my grandfather who made rope for a living, taught me this 50 years ago.

The biggest mistake I see people make is to tie a granny knit instead of a square knot, the difference is the square knit has the second loop going in the other direction, and us way more secure



Same, learned this one here a few years ago and stuck with it…


I’m quite fond of them, actually. And unlike most of the toe-shoes owners, I’ve put well over a thousand miles running on various pairs I’ve worn holes in.



Most people tie their shoelaces wrong anyway.




I’m so grateful to have had a pair of these.


Oh come on!!
It’s the SQUARE KNOT that is the key.
Ask any sailor or climber - who wants to bet their life on a granny knot!? Not a one of 'em.


Double-tying only adds more clunk to the kludge.

(of course, you can always put a drop of cyanoacrylate glue on the knot if you really want it to stay ‘tied’)


No way. A square know is certainly better than a granny knot, but square knots still come untied all the time. I have only ever tied square knot shoelaces since I was a kid, and yet my shoes still come untied once a day at least.

When I take the extra two seconds to tie the Secure Knot (similar to the Surgeon’s Knot posted above), my shoelace never comes untied. It’s ten times more secure than either a square knot or a double-knot (which honestly barely adds any holding power).

Unfortunately, a regular square knot is so ingrained in my muscle memory that I find it impossible to commit to using the secure knot.


I had to buy a pair (though I was reimbursed) when I worked at Six Flags. (They sponsored one of the rides.)


As long as you wield your fugly footwear power for the forces of good you’re alright with me.

If you’re one of those dreadlocked jackasses serenading under-age girls with sonically offensive Pink Floyd renditions at my local park, then we got beef!


Wait til you see what they call condoms.


I would assume that owning toe shoes implies @ActuallyARegular is a vegetarian, so I don’t know what he would do with the beef you’ve got.