How to make your shoelaces appear to tie themselves

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Transformer Poo Poo. Is it relevant? No…


That had to be outside the US. Here they would have shot him the moment he moved.


As I understand it, that is a Police Person that does that show for children’s charities. They are not all a-holes, apparently.


I’d be happy if my shoelaces appeared to stay tied.


I watched it a second time just so I could hear ‘trouser leg’ a few more times. :jeans:

yay! Finally one I figured out before they showed me how!

I saw a method once (maybe even here on BB) where, when you go to loop the second “bunny ear” around the first, you go in the opposite way that your instinct tells you to. Apparently this makes the knot more balanced as well as less likely to come untied. I’ve been using it and it seems to work.

My other solution was to get loafers for work instead…

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I believe the method you’re referring to is to get you to tie a proper square knot, as opposed to a “granny” knot (i.e. an incorrectly tied square knot). The difference is illustrated here.

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It all depends on how you tied the first overhand knot. Basically, you want to make a square-knot, not a granny-knot.

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So… basically the correct way to tie my shoes it to tie them correctly…? :slight_smile:

The other link there is to the technique that looks like magic where you can tie the fastest not. I haven’t mastered it yet.

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Yeah, I’ve seen that too. Maybe it’s because I do it wrong, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t give you a square knot. Would love it know if it can, because otherwise I think you just end up retying your shoes, even if it only takes a second.

was used in Shankar’s Tamil move “I” in 2014 was amazing. whole film full of super special effects, btw… (skip to 1:01 for trick)

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