Tie your shoes the Ukrainian way


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I’m going to be watching my Ukranian coworker’s feet like a hawk now to see if that’s how he does it.

I just use Lock Laces on my running shoes.


Seriously, why learn an all new method when you could just wrap your existing loop one more time. It takes no additional time in your day and will never come undone until you pull the aglet.


Ian Knot or nothing! http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/ianknot.htm

This Ukraininan Knot seems dumb.Except perhaps for style.


Same reason you might learn more than one tie knot - it’s fun!


The idea with this method is to remove the dangling aglets, not to form a better knot.


Yeah, I’m just going to lean on using the better knot in that case. Aglets are where it’s at.


I tots need a video. :confused:


The featured shoe has a zipper. It doesn’t much matter how the knot is tied, the shoe can still be “slipped into” without untying.






You can see the seam formed by the zipper, which is vertical rather than the horizontal zipper of the classic sneakers of my youth.


Speaking of knots, this is what made me respect the Goldblum.


Where is that pic from?


Portlandia. Jeff has a shop that sells knots, and he nails it. Tied me up in stitches.


I tried doing that knot but this guy, he seems Russian but he won’t say either way, well he keeps trying to take my right shoe…


I have zippers and velcro on my footwear for today, yay motorcycle boots. The quick tie hooks on my regular boots wouldn’t allow for that kinda fancy knot tying.


I can’t believe I’ve Lvived my whole life not knowing about this.


Or you can go to the middle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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