Good price on my favorite shoes -- Native Jeffersons


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Is it acceptable to wear these with socks?

How about to wear them in the pool?


I skimmed the reviews and it looks like a lot of people wear them as water shoes.


I’ve owned 2 pairs over the years and i would not wear them without socks. The shoes while are soft they are still rubber and the very few instances i tried wearing them without socks i found it very uncomfortable. Feet would sweat or i’d get random dirt and sand in the shoes… mix that with the sweat and you got a very uncomfortable situation. The shoes themselves are great though but i found sizing to be kind of variable. First pair were loose and the second pair were uncomfortably tight. I haven’t used the 2nd pair much, i waited a few months to try them out and it was too late to exchange them.


… can not un-see.


Crocs are pretty great water shoes, but I suspect these would be even better since they’d stay on your feet better.


what is wrong with you ?


Can’t say as I’ve not tried either, I’m more of a Teva/Chacos person.


Well, they certainly pin the geek-meter.


I’ve tried Crocs and Natives. Crocs i had to use when i injured my foot and couldnt wear regular shoes for a month or so. They’re great for casual wear but with Natives you can get away with wearing them in more situations. In fact I used to wear them to the office with black socks to match the black color of the shoes, most people didn’t notice they weren’t standard shoes. They also have quite a wide variety of styles that look really nice. My frustration with the Native shoes is that they never have the exact color and size that i wear and i end up trolling ebay, amazon and a few other sites to track down what i need. Or spend full price for a pair at their website.


I like crocs much better than Tevas for creekwalking, and slightly better for beachwalking and decked boats, but I like tevas slightly better for deckless boats.

Neither is optimal for chainsawing and welding. Obligatory “Or so I’ve heard…”


Different strokes for different folks as they say!

Hah, I’m sure.



Native Papasans



I saw an epic slipper swatting at Costco Sunday, the delayed silent primal scream was award worthy.

PS. Don’t beat your kids, god’damit!


Don’t tell that to a mom with a chancla. You might not survive.


Roger That!


I never wear socks with them, … They are great for going through TSA checkpoints

Is it just me? Any body?


I bought some Crocs, and I think they’re pretty good for the office:

(Although they might not look as nice on a dude)