High-heeled Crocs exist


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Well, they shouldn’t.


Is the air very thin up on that high horse you’re on?


Why is this more or less ridiculous than any other shoe? What differentiates this from something with ‘Jimmy Choo’ on the label, aside from a few thousand dollars of price? I get you may or may not like them, but that’s just a personal preference. What makes this particular thing bad?

Now, they don’t sell those in my neck of the woods, but from the pictures they seem to be… shoes. Just shoes. What on Earth causes this foaming of offended bourgeois sensibility I’ve seen here and elsewhere?


I never doubted they did?


I don’t know… is it lonely up on your pedestal?


For some reason the image of a large snappy-mouthed, predatory reptile, seen to be wearing high-heeled shoes when the swamp was finally drained, came to mind.

(Need to keep/stop taking the pills, probably.)




What a crock.


I bought these, because every other brand of shoes that people claimed were “the BEST for people who stand all day” killed my feet, knees, or back after 3 hours:

Croc slingback flats. And my plantar fasciitis doesn’t hurt when I wear them. I’ll call it a win.


That’s what matters - are you comfy? Then it is indeed a win!


These high-heeled crocs were surprisingly comfortable when I tried on my friends’ shoes (disclaimer: I do not wear heels, ever. This was just a fleeting “Whoa Crocs makes high heels?”- moment).



My partner has had a couple pairs of the Crocs with blocky heels, and swears by them for comfort, too.


Crocs have offered heels and other types of shoes for quite a while now…


Anyone know how Crocs keep the heel from flexing out from under your foot when you walk? It looks like it would bend easily.


"High-heeled Crocs exist"

Because capitalism is a thing, of course they do.


Total win. Not only are you comfortable, those are actually decent looking shoes. I’d have never known they were Crocs.

Best damn comment on the whole thread.



I never was a Crocs fan until spending hours a day on my feet as a traininer and teaching tons of classes with impact. I started living in Crocs outside of the gym. It was a lifeline. I also think the foam gives a little bit of the same benefits as using an Airex foam pad or BOSU. I always own a pair now.


Oh gracious, they make loafers… I predict I’m going to end up with a pair of these. I think they would make me look 10 or 15 years older than I am, but they still look better than the regular (though quite comfortable) Crocs I wear around the house.


What I keep waiting for, is Croc insoles you could slip inside work or hiking boots. I’m eyeing my almost worn smooth Crocs with the aim of making them the betas…

You haven’t known true visual joy until you’ve seen a tattooed concreton* wandering around the grocery store in his work clothes and a pair of Baby-Blue Crocs.

*Concreton: The guy who pours or finishes the concrete.