Weekend of Wonder: hang out with Xeni, Jason, David, Cory, and Mark

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  1. Ah, elegant footwear for a more civilized age. Ample toe-scuffing from repeated contact with tires.

  2. Engineer’s boots caked with playa dust: suggests fixation with post-apocalyptic themes.

  3. Hippie Crocs.

  4. These footcoverings are hard to place, possibly of Wolfrider crafting. But the denim bears the unmistakable crease of an Allegheny Fold.

  5. Nike Trainers in Unicorn Fuschia. Fuschicorn.

  6. Get your own pair of Native’s Jefferson in Victoria Blue!

4. Has got to be cory
3. Rob
6. Xeni

The others I will need more time


Fuuuuck, I can’t resolve 5.

Okay, second try

1. Jason
2. David
3. Rob
4. Cory
5. Xeni
6. Mark

Argh,I know I’m wrong


I don’t think I’m cool enough to hang with the Boing Boing crowd.

I’d end up at the Singles and Awkward Weirdos table because I got my footwear from Goodwill, or a dumpster:

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:c not sure I like this new layout. Time to get used to it I guess

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1 Jason
2 Cory
3 David
4 Rob
5 Xeni
6 Mark