Couture Cthulu




You mean ELEPHANT?

interesting you went all Cthulhu. Tell me about your mother.


Yeah - I’m with you. It doesn’t look like and Elder God at all.

Also - they seemed to run out of fabric to make the pants long enough. Or is the model just one with freakishly long legs?


They also assembled the pants inside out. I’m pretty sure the length is supposed to be a statement or something.

Also, yeah, that’s totally an elephant, no quesion. There are even deer in the background.


Does this kind of thing really sell clothes?
Or is this the work of bored people who have been to too many runway shows?
Or is it just high art, too exclusive for a commoner such as myself?


It gets press for the lines that sell.


/me hands Cory a tissue to clean his glasses.


Good point. Mission accomplished, I guess…


Or is it just people doing what they enjoy, not noticing they are being judged?


They also assembled the pants inside out.

Still has too many lines and recognizable angles to be an Elder God.


I’m glad to see Cory has a one-track mind… He must do great at inkblot tests!

Seriously though, this elephant is pretty cool.


I’m going to go with other commenters on this one - it’s obviously not Cthulhu. It’s clearly Chaugnar Faugn.


Yeah. If anything, that’s Couture Ganesha.


beat me to it.


Having attended the University of Alabama, I’m pretty familiar with bipedal elephantine abominations. I’m afraid I must concur with the elephant hypothesis.

I think I do see an opening for Cory to break into the fashion design scene, though. I think cthulhu coture would make quite a splash.


Clearly that’s Ganesha: destroyer of obstacles. Typical westerners, can’t tell your Gods from your fictional stories.


From what I understand fashion shows have never really been so much about moving consumer product.
It’s more about pushing the next season’s trends in fabric, design, and cut.


Cthulhu? Really? Come on Cory, we expect better than that from you. Did you even look at the picture you posted?


i’m starting to question why i continue to visit this site. it’s been flaky lately. i’m missing the cthulhu reference in these photos and i’m usually pretty good about spotting lovecraft references.


1st world problem…