An awesome “nude for all” underwear campaign


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Now that’s beautiful.


I love the inclusiveness but have never understood nude underwear.



If your underwear doesn’t match your skin, it become obvious under clothing. At least some clothing. Even if you don’t care about your underwear showing, you then have to be concerned about whether it matches what you are wearing or distracts from it. If your underwear matches your skin tone, then you can wear it with anything, anytime, and not have to think about it.


I didn’t see the one with hair and freckles, so I guess #NotAllNudes


Think of it as “commando” for introverts.


Toss a brown crayon into the dryer with the pale beige undies and, voila, freckles.


I have a 1.5 year old, so that process pretty well takes care of itself at this point.


Happened to us too when my daughter was little. Except the crayon was pink and it was my work shirts were in the dryer.




Plus you still have to paint the nipples on by hand.


To elaborate on @MissCellania’s reply, a lot of women’s clothing is made of very thin material. Chiffon, for some reason, is a popular material for work blouses. And it’s not generally socially acceptable to go without a bra, but we also can’t be obviously wearing a bra, because having any of it showing is “unprofessional” or worse.

Basically, society wants us to pretend we’re smooth like Barbie under our clothes, but doesn’t give any woman darker than beige the tools to achieve it.




So the problem comes down to choice of clothing material and these undergarments allow you to wear translucent cloth as clothing allowing you to show your body underneath without showing that you are wearing undergarments.


There is an easier way to look nude.


Well, thank goodness we have you to point out how they’re doing it wrong.


Along with providing the nifty insight on how to avoid getting arrested for indecent exposure, or worse…


Kind of, but not just that. For example, with olive skin, if you wear a white bra under a white shirt, blouse or t-shirt, doesn’t matter, it shows through because of the contrast with your skin. But if the bra matches the skin tone, it doesn’t show through and so actually is less showing your body, in that way. It took me an annoyingly long time to figure this out.


It’s like the pockets thread. It’s not that we WANT to wear sheer or thin clothing, it’s that this is what exists for us to wear. Unless you make your own clothes regularly. And like ClutchLinkey says, a light-colored piece of clothing is going to show your bra unless you can kind of match it to your skin. Myself, I’m generally a pale pink, and for some reason it’s difficult to find bras that color as well.

Other options: Layering, like with camisoles. I hate doing this because I overheat, and one layer or another is always riding up.

To take something topical, I was recently looking for a pussy-bow blouse. Yeah, like Melania’s. Type that into Amazon and see how many of your hits contain the words “sheer” or “chiffon”. There’s no reason this blouse can’t be made out of jersey, or any drapey fabric that isn’t totally see-through (I ended up finding a jersey one at Fred Meyer).

Edit: Oh, yeah, and while I was browsing the ladies’ department, I noticed a display of plaid flannel shirts. I thought I might like one, so I went over to check out the patterns … only to discover that none of the shirts were actually flannel. They were just thin rayon shirts, made to look like lovely cozy flannel.