Popular man's closet now "90% womens' clothing"

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And I keep buying men’s pants so I can have some damn pockets.

Before anyone could discern I was technically wearing women's jeans, they would already have to have been dazzled by the perfect contours of my thighs.

Or the cameltoe. :smirk:


Holy shit! I ain’t touching this one with a ten foot pole.


Liberace’s choices were more ostentatiously feminine, but he had a great line that Young Thug could put to use if anyone wants to make a fuss about it. “They’re not womens’ clothes,” he said. “They’re my clothes.”

You know, don’t recall seeing a woman dressed like Liberace…


I just got turned on to buying from the women’s section while preparing for Burning Man. Sticking to unisex fit, and occasionally bringing things to my seamstress for alterations like closing necklines, I get clothes that are much more interesting without being exlicitly female.


Wasn’t there a Boondocks episode that was basically this?

Apparently so.


I barely understand why anyone, including women, would prefer women’s clothing. I get that the cut and everything is different, plus society etc… But am I the only person who notices that it costs twice as much and is half as durable? My woman roommate buys men’s jeans for precisely this reason.


Also the sizes are moronic.


Men crave the ephemerality that comes with dressing in the latest frocks.


Come for the pockets, stay for the rational sizing.


I can kind of sympathize, especially when it comes to pants/slacks/trousers. My son often dressed in girl’s pants when he was 3 to about 5. They fit him correctly whereas the boys clothes, especially the pants, were oddly misshapen on his slim build. Mothers never failed to mention to us that my son was wearing girl’s pants even when I couldn’t tell the difference.

I’ve never worn women’s pants, a la Matt Berry in It Crowd, but I have found European cut clothes tend to fit me correctly compared to “we assume you’re a fat man” North American cut clothes.

For a pant I much, much prefer straight legged. Not skinny, not contoured, not boot cut–except for a slight jog in from my hips virtually straight down (and close in pockets so it doesn’t look like I have hip ears). Well, contoured for the shoe, but ever so slightly.

Shirts have to be a V from my shoulders to my waist, and v neck, never crew neck. But not deep v. I’ll post some pics of dress forms if I can find them.

I am much closer to a rectangle, but I pull off an inverted triangle due to my huge neck and wiiiide shoulders.

An interesting, if slightly strange fascination of mine is suits and odd body types. One of my favorite is the ‘corpulent cut’.

There are three different cuts of suitsin this pic from bond (can you see the corpulent?)

And high wasted, sloping, extended jackets and pants are from what I here a pain to construct.

And of course, well fitted clothes vs sloppy.



Finding a good seamstress or tailor is like an early birthday. They really don’t cost much and are worth their weight in gold.

I miss my seamstress in Scottsdale, $10 or so a pant and all I had to say was, “can you fix this?”


Is your seamstress no longer in Scottsdale or are you?
If the latter, congratulations (even if you miss the seamstress), and can I please have your seamstress’ business info?

I no longer am there–Judys alterations on Shea and 72nd always treated me well. That being said my wife is an amazing costumer, so she gives me advice on what I should have altered and when I should just go buy something else :smile:

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Women’s clothes are far more visually interesting, I think, on purpose - because they change more from season to season. But you’re right about durability. I know that almost anything I get from Target is going to get holes fairly quickly, so I tend to get only stuff I really like, and generally when it’s on sale. These clothes are literally meant to be disposable, I think, but especially stuff from Forever 21 and other mall stores which have cheap clothes for the teen/young women market. For clothes I like that I want to last, I lean towards thrift stores.

I tend to not buy jeans anymore because, men or women’s they never fit me right. Skirts are where it’s at.



Are we gonna have a walkoff?

(BTW, I love how flattering skirts are. Pleated slightly lower than knee, and pencil skirts have looked good on every human I have ever seen)


Stop playing tackle football every weekend!