Join us for Boing Boing's Weekend of Wonder!


Ah, don’t I wish!

Instead, I’ll have to settle for this.

OTOH, if you’re looking for another special guest, I might be able to open up my schedule…

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Was El Otro Miguel not clearly listed as a presenter?


Ese culo? Yo caminaba una milla de evitarlo.

El Otro Miguel entretiene a los niños y emociona a las damas. El es mejor para el SHOW!


I don’t suppose you’re in the market for a “Guest Photoshopper?”


Dang, of all the times to be broke. SAD FACE.

I guess some of us have to stay behind and mind the BBS while y’all are gone.


Just 100 attendees?

I definitely get the reference to crowding and lines and would like an alternative to that, but this is pushing into Elite Gathering territory. Yeah, I have the vacation time and money, but now I’m all thinking am I good enough to be hobnobbing with those folks? Will I get made fun of for dressing normcore?*

*When actually that’s just what I wear?



OTOH, I’m the guy who got pleated comfort-fit-waist denim slacks as a birthday present from his parents. THANK G-D FOR GIFT RECEIPTS.

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Oh, I can’t be all flying to CA . I’m sure we’ll have plenty of company around here.

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You know, we wanted to make it a little larger (in our eyes, anyways,) but decided that in keeping the event small, but event sized, for our first run we could easily hit a homerun. We’d learn a lot that’d make it easier for 150-200 folks to have the same experience next time.

No one will make fun of you for not wearing a cape. People will be having far too much to care if you are wearing a tame pattern cardigan.


Raw denim?

Balancing accessibility (in the sense of being able to get in) with accessibility (in the sense of actually being able to engage with guests and experiences) is a tricky balancing act.

I went to the CGDC in '92, when – even as a mere vendor – I could sit down to dinner with game designer legends . . . and then as a volunteer in '95, when it had already become a mob scene.

I hope the trial run is successful & brings the experience required to go bigger next year.


Does Hagar make raw denim slacks?

TIL: the Haggar clothing company coined the term “slacks”:

By 1938, Haggar transitioned from a local company to one with national reach. Haggar employed a nation wide sales organization and ran a national advertising campaign. It was during this time that Haggar coined the term, “Slacks,” in reference to its line of casual pants that could be worn during the “slack time,” away from work. (source).

At any rate – I wish everybody lots of happy, mutant fun-times!

Perhaps there’ll be a webcam? Or some live-tweeting? Or Snapchat, or whatever the Cool Kids are using these days?


Maybe we can discount a drone’s-view-only price of admission for you.


Having substantial financial commitments is a drag.
Or, more accurately, having too little disposable income is a drag.


Hey, if they are good enough for the President…


Will there be ways for attendees to show-and-tell their own projects, or is the emphasis on the pros?

There will be several open workshop periods for folks to work on using what they’ve learned and what they already know to build even more interesting things. If you have something cool to share, bring it. Email Mark and I before hand so we know what you are bringing and we can try to help determine when may be best to share it.

While WOW will have a lot of great presentations and workshops, for me, the most exciting part is to spend a weekend in close quarters with a lot of likeminded folks who are sharing what they know.


You could always attend The Weekend of Mayhem (aka San Mateo Maker Faire).