WEEKEND OF WONDER: Top 10 reasons to join us at our Boing Boing extravaganza


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Looks awesome!

But no mention of bananas?


Just look at that omission.


Note to party attendees: I actually sent my identical twin @Otherbrother to that party in my stead just to keep things interesting, so don’t be offended if I act like I’ve never met you and have inexplicably lost all working knowledge of mechanical engineering.

I just created something to bring for show & tell!


Just look harder.



Same here, and on a wrong continent too. :frowning:


Wish I could go…but it is entirely not budgeted and I’ve also already planned to be traveling that weekend.
Is this likely to become an annual thing?


Looks like a great event, even if not priced for us members of the 99%. And the Mission Inn in Riverside was an inspired choice for the location.

Tom, Redondo Beach, California


I’ll try to make it next year if it is on. Treat everyone there this year gently :smile:


snort Lets get’em to Regular before the event!!!


Are “insufferably white” people invited?


While I love A Prairie Home Companion a lot, the blog post was pretty funny. Someone should wear a powder milk biscuits shirt to WoW.

What Alot looks like.


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