2001: A BoingBoing meeteup

Continuing the discussion from Comcast service rep: a deeply fearful employee trying to hold onto his paycheck:

That would be like a whole herd of unicorn chasers, paid in advance :smile:


this used to be a thing

though, TBH, that was long before I became a vocal miscreant

Well, maybe it’s time it became a thing again!

We are actually planning quite a few events!

Friday night at the Oakland Museum is one. Please join us. David, Dean and I will be there.

We’re partnering with The Village and Audeze in LA on some events too. We’ll be announcing them shortly.

We’ve been talking about a few things in SF, LA and NYC.

Game nights, pop-up galleries, close-up magic and big stage illusions, music events… any of these interest you?


Louisiana works a lot better for me than either the Left or the Right coasts.

Oh, wait, LA in this context probably means Los Angeles :-/

They are all interesting, but some require more planning :smile:


I’d definitely be down for a gallery event in S.F… If you give me enough notice I might even be able to contribute.

Over the years, there have been a ton of BB sponsored/encouraged events on the coasts. Lots of us don’t live on the coasts. :frowning:


I believe there should be a dragon in the Greate Lake. :wink:

Or at least an Asian carp.

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