Bay area meetup?


I just moved back to the bay area, and I’m a little thin on real life friends atm. Anyone else fancy a get together in an evening on the peninsula? I’ll pay :slightly_smiling:

My thoughts are a comfortable restaurant, witty banter, family friendly, and light hearted fun.

Anyone else game? I will volunteer as project manager :slightly_smiling:

P.s. I have a place in Santa Clara, and the Superbowl this Sunday makes that day Right Out.


Really though. If you live in the SF bay area, lets have some Chinese food, a cocktail, and complain about real life.


I’d love to. If you fly me down, lol.


I’m in if somebody can pick me up.

I have one of the three required contributions for riding. More than one, actually, but one I’m willing to part with. Er…Share, rather.

eta - I’ll share @LDoBe’s ride. Lear? Or Cessna?


Let me talk to my magic eightball…

(A beaver is trying to invade your room…?)

I may need to get back to you.


We should do a Seattle area one instead. Plenty of us around here…

I do have some Gulfstream contacts if you still want the private jet route, though. Can’t promise anything, mind.


Maybe the week of Burning Man? :wink:


Hamilton Beach


Okay, so I guess I’ll have to schedule, plan, and advertise a real event :D. How the hell do you book a C-5 Galaxy?


I’m in. S.F. is most convenient for me but I could meet elsewhere given notice.


I’m in no hurry, but I thought since I’m down here…

SF proper would probably be the best location, since I know people live in SF, Berkeley, Oakland, etc.

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