A Modest Anagram for Meta


A modest anagram for meta is meat, for when mutants meet up in meatspace.

Let’s organize.


well duh. provided @JemmieDuffs has not had us pack up and flee to Canada depending on the election.


give me a nudge if anyone ever wants to meet up in dallas or waco.


Yo. Imma be there. If at all possible.


I’m am in Austin every 2-3 weeks for work. Torchys on me if anyone wants to meet up. Lunch easiest but not a mandate. Back in Oct sometime.


Sure, that works.


I’ll check my hectic schedule…


Unless a job prospect pulls through and I gotta move me to a rented room elsewhere I am good.


I’m free all day, but I don’t really know any bars or whatnot. Used to work nights downtown, but for living near Seattle, I don’t know the city all that well. Most of my time there is stuck in traffic on I5.

The Center House might be worthwhile.

I do know that South Lake Union on weeknights is completely dead after 11PM. Like, empty.


Organise the meta meat team?


I’m inclined to suggest somewhere on the hill - maybe not too far up from downtown, though.

Perhaps Linda’s, or The Six Arms?


All good places. Or were the last time I was at any of 'em.

Six Arms will be quieter than t’other two, I think. Quinn’s is (or was) harder to get a table at - you’re venturing further up the hill if you go that way.


I used to live up there, and a fine place it is.

Just the further up you go, the more likely the bars will be “so-busy-loud-we-can’t-conversate-on-a-saturday-night”.


The Hill is a great neighborhood IME, but it tends to attract more quantity people than quality people.


Is this still on?


Who else lives in the S.F. Bay Area again? I think @Melizmatic and @japhroaig and @enso, but I’m sure there must be more of us.



aka Bartertown


Me too.


I’m more of a Llamatron guy.


we should probably shout out to @ficuswhisperer and @manybellsdown even it is last minute for them.