Happy Mutants in Germany

It’s recently been discovered that a number of Happy Mutants live in Germany. This would be a good place for us to share tips, help each other out, and perhaps even plan Happy Mutant get-togethers.


I’ll be visiting for a month around New Years, and I’ll probably be moving there within the next 12-16 months.


when we use the borders of 1938 we can invite @zathras, too!


a small* one already happened

* @jsroberts planned to come but it didn’t work out


I’ve been in Frankfurt for a little more than three years now.


Have you decided on the city you’d be moving to?

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Almost certainly Hamburg, with my fiancee, as that’s where she lives and has a steady job.


Sure, why not. Sounds like fun. We could organize a Stammtisch.


Potentially dumb thought:

German Happy Mutants New Years Party? (start planning now, before plans start to be made?)


Wait a minute. Would this involve more than three people? This is getting out of hand.


even outsiders, afaik @bibliophile20’s SO is not a bbs user.

but anyway, I don’t have any plans for new years eve and if someone* organises it I’m happy to participate

* i.e. not me


I already have tentative NYE plans… however, I wouldn’t mind trying to meet up at a Christmas market. Might be a bit short notice, though.

mulled wine markets are normally open most of December, it shouldn’t be tooooo hard to find a possible day.

@fnordius likes the Tollwood winter festival but Munich is not exactly near Frankfurt

I like Tollwood, too. I visited a couple of years ago. But yeah, wouldn’t really work for a day trip.

Stuttgart, Mannheim or Karlsruhe are possibilities - more or less fast/easy reachable from both Augsburg and Frankfurt. The medieval christmas market* in Durlach (near Karlsruhe) is worth a visit according to friends

* infos (German only)

Thanks, but let’s stick to the borders of 1738 :-).

Back then, too, we had an Austrian in charge of most German-speaking people, but I hope everyone will agree that Emperor Charles VI. was a much nicer guy. He even fought for women’s rights, specifically the right of his daughter to inherit his lands. Like all people on 18th-century portraits, he even looks like a mutant, although not a happy one.

Anyway, thanks for thinking of me. I’m in Graz in the southeast corner of Austria, so I won’t be able to drop by for an evening at a Christmas market, even if people chose to meet up in Munich. But I’ll be sure to have another look at this topic next time I’m going to Germany for some other reason.


zombicalypse, ah, grand opening of the christmas market tonight.

do we still have somekind of idea for a plan to meet somewhere for a mug of mulled wine?

(the street in front of the tower and the building with the vulture is normally one of the most important tram tracks)

Ours doesn’t open until Wednesday, but I can’t go since I have German class. I do, however, plan to celebrate Thanksgiving at the Christmas Market. (And then have a couple Thanksgiving dinners on Saturday)


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