A BoingBoing Night in Munich

So, what happens when two BBS posters get together? Well, I found out when @renke came over to my fair city. Munich has a stodgy, almost arrogant air about it, but it’s really a good place for two Happy Mutants to go around and celebrate life.

So what made it so interesting? Glad you asked. All the little things. Like seeing a cute girl offering free hugs, and giving her one back. Having a beer from a wooden keg at the back door of a busy restaurant. Catching two interesting live acts – one in the pedestrian zone, the other in front of a prestigious hotel.

I’ll write more down below, but this is just a little post so I don’t forget.


Happy Mutants are good people man.

Glad you and @renke got to hang out. @SlyBevel and I are good friends due to the BBS. I got to hang out with him and his family for three weeks this summer, and I can’t wait to meet @japhroaig eventually. He’s not all that far away from me by US standards. By European standards, I’d probably call it a long journey but you know what they say:

To an American, a hundred years seems like a very long time, and to a European, a hundred miles seems like a very long journey. But it’s a few hundred miles to get out of my State, and we have fifty of them!


Spent a great budget weekend in Munich once in the mid-90s. I remember parks, beer halls, a really nice - but maybe as you say “stodgy” - Ald Stadt (old town, I think) area, throngs of punks milling about, a couple of cool museums, and more beer halls.


Yeah, the whole point was to scratch the surface, and lo and behold, Munich does have a vibrant hipster community. My “hipster” I mean the makers, the explorers, not the clichés that is poo-pooed and that Abercrombie and Fitch tries to sell us. The surfer community on the Eisbach standing wave has grown, and we didn’t even go to the Glockenbachviertel which, despite gentrification, still has a vibrant LGBQ community and a night life that clashes with the gentrifiers who complain about the noise.

I didn’t catch the name of the first band we heard, a funny quintet from the Balkans (judging by their name), but the second band, Shred Kelly, was a great Canadian alt-folk band. Go check them out at http://shredkelly.com


Sorry I couldn’t join you, but I hope I can next time you’ve got something planned!


The neat thing is that all plans went out the window. We decided in true BoingBoing fashion to just see what we could find. And should you make it, that’s exactly what I will do again, maybe find something that I haven’t seen myself!


and Munich is even not that bad when one is in good company : ) Thanks a lot!


after I finally found the time to rip the two albums I bought at the concert - they are fantastic

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