Bay Area Meetup for All


This was posted in the “regular” level area but I realized that we have a lot of regular folks who aren’t trust level 3 or whatever it is that Discourse does.

I’m interested in a Bay Area peeps meetup. We have some south bay people, east bay (Oakland, represent!), SF, and parts further north. I’m not sure where to meet that would be ideal though San Francisco or Oakland is what I’m partial to.

I figure we could find a good coffee shop (to not make it alcohol based out of sensitivity to some potential folks) and people could meet in the flesh. Some of us have chatted on and off for years (@rkt88edmo…) and some folks have relocated within the last two years to our completely-not-a-douchebro-dystopia tm.


Count me in. I live in EPA, work in Oakland, so pm me an address. And time, cause that could be awkward :smiley:


Assuming a public place, I think we’ll post the address and time in public. :slight_smile:

(and you live in EPA? WTH?)


But I thought Trump was doing away with the EPA…Maybe you should move in case he gets confused and sends his DHS goons in to round everyone there up and deport you.


East Palo Alto aka “EPA”


I live too far away :frowning:

I’ll be there in spirit though.


Would love to meetup. Coming from Concord. Taxes have me busy until after April 15th though.


Tentative yes for me. SF or somewhere BART accessible is most convenient.


I’ll always select some place BART accessible because if it is in SF, I’m taking the BART. I refuse to drive over there.


You can’t sneak off on an evening or weekend afternoon?


Not being on the West Coast (let alone near the Bay area), count me as envious.


Well, that’s a shitty (albeit reverse) commute.


Maybe after March 30…wife gets pissed when I run around and do my stuff while I am already super slammed with work.



I go to Berlin on April 2 so that might be difficult for me. :slight_smile:

That reminds me that I should do my taxes this month though. Luckily, we have a simple “two adult, two jobs” household except for property.


If you can stomach your token right-of-centre Bay Area boinger, I might come out. Oakland a bit better than SF for my tastes.



of course…


I live in Martinez (birthplace of Joe DiMaggio). I might be interested in attending.


Way out south in the Central Coast, but Oakland and fun times with the BBS crew are worth the train ride.

Late April / Early May would work for me


I have been working out of Oakland for a couple days now, and unequivocally, I can now say it:

SF, your food isn’t as good as you think it is. I am prepared to be flamed.

(Jebus, that album is 42 years old)