Check out the Perpetual Motion Steampunk Ball, Riverside, CA this June 11th


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This sounds like fun!


It takes a lot to make me wish, even for a brief moment, that I still lived in Southern California. I confess this did the trick.


Love the photo. Bendy Bonnie!


Steampunks are such a cool community of people! I highly recommend checking out a Steampunk event! Such a welcoming, diverse and creative group of people. The best part is seeing all the amazing costumes (some people put so much thought and effort into it), and people even come up with their own characters and backstories…Okay, that might sound weird, but I promise it’s not, it’s actually just creative and fun. I also recommend dressing up (even if you don’t go all out), because it makes it that much more fun to participate (and costumes are a great conversation starter/ice breaker). If you go to a Steampunk event by yourself, you will leave with a ton of new friends. There’s lots of good events all over the US (and it’s really huge in places like England and Germany). There’s a site with a good up to date calendar of events. I don’t know if I’m allowed to link here, but just google: Steampunk Guide Calendar


seeing if boingboing will let me link to it:


And no mention of the Steampunk World’s Fair? Does BB only cover west coast events?


You can link. But just keep in mind, astroturfing and spam is against the rules. It’s fine to be a fan. Enjoy! Looking forward to seeing you around the BBS.


Thank you!


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