Steampunks tour steam plant

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If you’re looking for something incredibly interesting to do in Seattle, take this tour. It is a fantastic throwback of huge machines and massive spaces, with detailed labels and instructions on how to power a city from over a century ago. I went through a few months ago and it blew my mind. Couldn’t stop taking photos.


ey ey! just because you must wear spectacles doesn’t free you from having goggles on yer hat there mate! (“goggles onna hat is indeed a minimum”)


Hey, maybe he brings extras for people who forgot theirs. Safety first!


I didn’t know it was still a thing.

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A while ago I had the opportunity to tour a different steam plant. The contrast between the massive and incredibly loud working spaces and the dim quiet control room was worth the whole trip, as was the realization of how few of my classmates had spent any time in proper industrial working spaces.

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