CLAIMED: Free ticket to Weekend of Wonder


I have a cometely free ticket to the BB weekend of wonder. Anyone can claim it, no strings except one–please don’t sell it. Give it away, launch it into space, go to WoW and become rich and famous.

First come first serve. DM me with your email address, and then the rest is up to you. Thread will be updated when the ticket has been gifted.

Guess what I just got >:)

Also, to be clear, this is for the ticket only. Everything else is up to you (transportation, tacos, arduino gear, etc). I want to go, but my band has a sweet gig >:)

Oh, and take photos.


Tacos and kit are part of the ticket. Everything will be provided at the event.

Now the stuff you bring to share… thats on you.



done and done


brainspore replied first, so the bird gets it :smiley:




Please please post lots about the event so the rest of us mugs can get a vicarious thrill, eh?


Will do! I may miss the first couple of hours on Friday afternoon depending on how quickly I can catch a plane from S.F. after the class I’m teaching that morning though.


man, now i really want tacos…

oh, i see there are some decently rated taco shops in mountain view, may have to go on a quick sojourn this evening. :smiley:


It was freakin’ awesome. @japhroaig, I am forever in your debt. @Brainspore, sorry you couldn’t make it.

One of the photos in the slideshow linked below shows me impressing the crowd with my fantastic balloon twisting skills. (Ok, not that impressive, but the kids in attendance liked it.)


I am so glad to hear that. Next year I’ll wow everyone with my puns and culinary skills :smile:

And smart tweed jackets.


I’ve been so swamped since the event, I’ve had no chance to even check the BBS.

Your balloon tying was fantastic. The dry wit was awesome for adults, flawlessly done animals were delighting the kids.

Thank you for making my daughter one and thank you for being there.


Well hey, I’ll make you a deal. Get me free admission to future Boing Boing events and I’ll supply as many balloon animals as the kids can possibly want!


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