Send a BBSer to the Weekend of Wonder

Are we sending @monkeyoh or you thinking about running a competition?


For clarity, this was put here by @jlw

and has its origins in the mind of another BBSer:

I’m oh so humble, I know. :wink:

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A thread in which I don’t have to ask questions, could I be any happier?



I am struggling with the question format for this serious business!

Give me a day to see if we can discount this below the early bird $1200 for a single person room/attendee. We can not offer single day or not-staying-with-us-at-the-hotel options. The thing is hard enough to plan/fund as it is :slight_smile:

I’ll also post the effort on the front page of the website to try and help you raise the money.

Can we add something to this effort like the BBSer that gets sent (I was assuming it’d be @monkeyoh as thats where the thread began) needs to a) write a post on the event from the POV of a passionate community member we all worked to send and b) live BBS the event in a thread for all the BBSers who leaned in to help send them can follow along?

(I reserve the right to not publish a post I do not like, as I would be commissioning it.)



@japhroaig Here is your thread. Work it all out here.

I’m in. Send me a PayPal account or whatnot and I will prime the well. I can’t fund the whole thing obviously, but I am glad to contribute and be a cheerleader.

@jlw I will defer all rules to the bb staff, of course. And I will make no assumptions. But this would be very cool.

NOTE TO WHOEVER GETS PICKED: I’ll slip you an extra $5 if you hold open the back door between 8:45 and 9:00am on Friday morning.


NOTE TO WHOEVER GETS PICKED: I’ll slip you an extra $6 if you let the door “accidentally slip shut” in his face and vine it.


This is for the BBS crowdfunding group to decide on their own. I can’t do that part.

We can offer a $1000 ticket to the event for this effort tho. If you guys come up with $1k and chose someone to go, I’ve got space for them.


No worries. You have my dm’s so I think you know one half of the plan. I do not want to be part of the ‘selection’ process though. But if you are cool with my proposal I’ll take care of finance.

@othermichael, you up for chairing the Grand Choose? (Yes, that means you are excluded, but with as many youngins as you tend I suspect you already knew that).

'scusi - chairing ? What would that entail?

Srsly, not clear here.

[And wasn’t I already preparing a little talk with the wife for why it was totally important that I be gone for 4 days! :crying_cat_face: ]


So on a lark I’d like to sponsor a bbs-er to go to the weekend of wonder. I will handle finance and set up the crowd funding, but I don’t want to choose. Separation of power and all that.

So you up for it? Is it @monkeyoh? Is it… Tyler Perry? Do you have the concrete stomach this will entail?!?

Choose, man! CHOOSE!!

Tyler Perry is disqualified on account that his local network appears to be down and his domain is not responding to pings.

Perhaps there should be… some sort of game or contest?

##Q: What has it got in its pocketses?




So. I shall sleep and think on this.


Contest! Contest!


I think one would want to find someone who is interested. I’m intrigued, but already have too many trips in the hopper this year that I can’t burn extra vacation time and be away from the fam for four extra days. So, for example, I’d have to take my name out of the Triwizard cauldron even if the opportunity was presented on a golden platter by a scantily clad Tyler Perry.

At the same time, there is undoubtedly someone excited to go who lives in the area but is less verbose than me, but they likely think they have no chance at it. They should get a shot.

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Yeah, I am in the same boat, but that us also why I think it would be coil to sponsor someone. Between black hat, defcon, pax, and biz travel I am already away too much.

But others might not be (evil toothy grin)

In that case, might I suggest people who can actually make the trip and are prepared to do some blogging of the event nominate themselves in this thread and then we conduct a… randomised, non weighted selection with our friend @discbot?
Or would y’all prefer another poll?


I believe @othermichael is thinking of a game.


I would be surprised if he wasn’t thinking of a game.


Proposed game:

Candidates nominate themselves by detailing a personally unbiased selection process that will leave one clear winner.

I (or possibly a poll) will select a process, and then use it to select a winner.

The author of the selection process will be considered the runner-up.

In the event that the winner cannot attend, the runner-up will be considered the winner.