Jeremy Pickett's Maker Scholarship

A ticket to boingboings weekend of wonder has been procurred thanks to the generosity of the wonderful staff here, the hugely wonderful mutants of the BBS, and the joys of crowd funding.

So two orders or business.

  1. A Chooser must be chosen. I nominate @OtherMichael, but I trust the community will self organize.

  2. The Chooser makes the rules and chooses the recipient of the ticket. The only rule is the recipient cannot be me or the Chooser.

Done and done. A ticket to the weekend of wonder is available. All accommodations are the responsibility of the recipient.


Hotel is included in the ticket price, as are most of the meals. It is a full ticket to the event.

Travel is up to the individual. If the winner wants to bring someone with them, they can purchase a companion ticket.

when did the crowdfunding happen?!?

Jeremy has an interesting definition of “Crowd”


@japhroaig’s paying!

(Wait - for realz?)



You are a gentleman and a scholar sir. Well done.


Holy heck, man, thumbs up!


Didn’t we have this conversation?

Must I abscond with your cast iron and groom your pyr?


I’m a bit concerned about Jeremy Pickett’s liver, to be honest.


Yes, I have an ‘interesting’ way of crowd funding. But let me tell you some stories (come sit on my lap).

I give my time to my orchestra, and I win a microwave.

I give my expertise to GPL projects and they go mainstream.

I give my money to Travis Ritchie to film a show, and we both go to bigger and better things (I am giving Tyler Perry backrubs, BTW).

So yes I have different ideas on funding. It always comes back in spades.


Concern noted. Different Jeremy (thank god)

Uck, Miller Lite?

Funnily enough, on another thread someone reminded me of the excellent website The Art of Manliness, and when I went over there just to see what was new, look what I found:

The Benefits of Giving Money


Hell yeah, Batman, hell hey yeah

I did nothing. All I request is an Arbiter (which I bithtly call a Chooser), and a recipient.

The specifics of the ticket are dictated by the rules for the the function. But my motivation is to joyfully encourage makers and the positive aspects of maker culture.

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