Send a BBSer to the Weekend of Wonder

If video is to be involved, I imagine some kind of video submission contest ala WWE’s Tough Enough would provide some laffs and a good basis for whatever ‘other’ shenanigans might be applicable.

paging @smashmartian, he’ll understand.

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That sort of selection process sort of sucks – you have the most beautiful dress… and it somebody else gets to wear it to the mutant prom.

If Comicon is “Nerd Prom” this is “the Mutant Hoedown” isn’t it?

Or something like that/

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If we have a video blog I want a good video blogger, if tis writing only, STORYTIME!

I can pitch in money! Who are we sending from BBS, and where do I send my contribution???



#Alternate names

Mutant Amble
Mutant Assemblee
Mutant Assembly
Mutant Assignation
Mutant Bal Masque
Mutant Ball
Mutant Barn Dance
Mutant Bop
Mutant Brawl
Mutant Caucus
Mutant Colloquium
Mutant Conclave
Mutant Concourse
Mutant Congregation
Mutant Congress
Mutant Conventicle
Mutant Convention
Mutant Convocation
Mutant Corroboree
Mutant Cotillion
Mutant Council
Mutant Country Dance
Mutant Dance
Mutant Dancing Party
Mutant Dansant
Mutant Date
Mutant Disco
Mutant Eisteddfod
Mutant Esplanade
Mutant Excursion
Mutant Fancy-Dress Ball
Mutant Festivity
Mutant Fete
Mutant Forgathering
Mutant Formal
Mutant Forum
Mutant Gala
Mutant Gathering
Mutant Get Together
Mutant Get-Together
Mutant Hike
Mutant Hoedown
Mutant Hop
Mutant Jaunt
Mutant Knees-Up
Mutant Mask
Mutant Masked Ball
Mutant Masque
Mutant Masquerade
Mutant Masquerade Ball
Mutant Meander
Mutant Meet
Mutant Meeting
Mutant Mixer
Mutant Panel
Mutant Party
Mutant Perambulation
Mutant Performance
Mutant Philharmonic
Mutant Plenum
Mutant Program
Mutant Promenade
Mutant Quorum
Mutant Rally
Mutant Ramble
Mutant Reception
Mutant Recital
Mutant Rendezvous
Mutant Saunter
Mutant Seafront
Mutant Seance
Mutant Session
Mutant Shindig
Mutant Shindy
Mutant Sit In
Mutant Sit-In
Mutant Social
Mutant Soiree
Mutant Square Dance
Mutant Stroll
Mutant Symposium
Mutant Synod
Mutant Tea Dance
Mutant Tramp
Mutant Trek
Mutant Turnout

I wanted to make this a poll, BUT:


I believe that has been taken care of

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I like hoedown and fancy-dress ball best.

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I think that might be my fault. :grimacing:

You can do multiple polls in the same post if you name them differently though…

I’m kinda stumped for a selection game, beyond asking @discbot to do the honors (and that’s not really a game).

As I said above – having the candidates pick a contest is an interesting idea, but also somehow fundamentally unfair. The “winner” of the “contest contest” would be helping to select (probably) somebody else.

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If @jlw is still going to promote this on the main page, we could ask the bbs at large, maybe trust level 2 and up, to vote on otherwise anonymous submissions of some kind?

Which kinda leaves out video submissions I guess…

Or hell, we could just ask, ‘who wants this?’ and you (@othermichael) can give it to the first respondent?

Or set up an elaborate candid camera style ethical challenge where we tempt contestants to steal a wallet or somesuch and reward the righteous whilst punishing the wicked?

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whoever can post the most UNIQUE questions in the questions thread in 15 minutes can go?

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I thought it was going to be on the East coast this year!

I think it is better we have a regular bbs’er win this. I’d rather post the results. A post announcing a contest will not work to the benefit of the folks who regularly contribute here.u


I thought you were excluded from being able to win?

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I am trying to NOT be the top-poster in there. @japhrohaig’s new-found interest in the offline world is proving problematic for that goal. As are all of the SLACKERS in that thread.



I’m disappointed you haven’t organized Thunderdome yet.

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If the sponsored regular is supposed to blog about the event, wouldn’t a writing prompt contest make the most sense?


If we can put this off for 7 months I’m sure @Donald_Petersen will take care of it.

Yeeeessss… the trouble there is that the choice can be so personally biased.

However, what if we had a prompt writing contest, and chose the winner by poll?