Wonderful Thing of the Month contest

I am volunteering to run a monthly “Wonderful Thing of the Month” contest.
Wonderful Things don’t come around as easily these days and some readers are disappointed. My intention is to accentuate the positive and recognize the BB Contributors who keep the spirit of the Directory alive.

How will it work-
• Should you find something posted to this site that is exceptionally wonderful, post a link here. BB front page articles only!
• You have until three days into the new month to post your nomination from the month prior. I will then count the number of likes given to each nomination and post a survey of the top five most liked. The poll will be closed after three more days.

What kinds of Wonderful Things exactly?
Would “Trump goes to jail” be an exceptionally wonderful thing? Yes–but–this does not qualify, since we all would rather have never heard of the man to begin with, right? Instead, candidates for Most Wonderful Thing should contain an element of DIY-ethic, artistic talent, natural beauty, etc., especially from non-celebrities. Please do not submit stuff like, “This favorite music album turns fifty today.”

Kindly scan the month’s nominations before posting your own so that there are no duplicates. Please refrain from nominating each and every little thing that isn’t an atrocity—your nomination(s) should really resonate with you personally and be something that you would in fact vote for in the final poll.

I was actually inspired to start this about a year ago when I read the 1:9 scale diorama of Mel Gibson’s 2006 DUI arrest:

And here are some other examples from the past year that I would have nominated:

We have about a week left in August– I encourage you to take a moment to look back on the month for something that really stood out as wonderful!


I’ll start by nominating this:


I nominate this, creative and inclusive fun.


I doubt this would get to the top of the vote but these are wonderful things…


i nominate the octopodes!


Thanks for trawling through earlier posts to find a wonderful thing to nominate. It’s the last day of the month, but I won’t count up likes for the final five poll until Monday morning. If there is a lot of content for September I might shorten that period.
So we have 5 nominations at the moment, I’ll add a 6th to make it interesting:

One of the best parts is that after the performance, he’s got this dejected “i hate the world and myself even more” face, and then does a Nailed It! fist pump once he’s off stage :smiley:


Much as I love wonderful things, I can’t remember the last time I visited BB’s front page.
I’m bookmarked straight to this forum.

So if I find something wonderful from elsewhere - I guess I’ll stick to Unicorn chasers?


I’ve got two bookmarks, one for the whole forum, and one filtered for the “boing” category:

I usually scan the boing-only list during the day when most of the new front page articles come out, then catch up on the rest in the evening.

Used to run through the blog version of the front page, Blog | Boing Boing so that I wouldn’t “miss anything” but somehow got away from that. Might start again.


Here are your candidates for August 2023

  • Masterful Modeling Demonstration
  • Braille Lego Bricks
  • Octopodes’ Garden
  • Handcrafted Wool Felted Animals
  • Stellar Yo-yo Performance
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Poll will be open for three days. Meanwhile don’t hesitate to start adding your picks for September.


Based on the likes given to the nomination I thought for sure Braille Bricks had it, but August’s most wonderful thing is the Octopus Garden!
Trophy goes to @thomdunn for posting–
Hat tip to @FloridaManJefe for nominating :grin:
We’re a week into September now, don’t let the month fly by!


This is hysterical:

It’s also wonderful enough it made my currently depressed AF BF laugh himself silly, and insist we watch it twice more!


An early nomination for September:


Thank you for posting that story here!




Final stretch of September, I’m going to reach back some and nominate one of life’s simpler pleasures:


Are there any non-twitter links? I love Nathan Pyle’s work!

Edit: OK this was a dumb place to post this, sorry. Should’ve asked when the actual topic was still open for comments.


POST EDITED - Rules is rules and the conversation below indicates why I’m going to repost this in #NeedsMoreLikes

This is a truly wonderful story, and so I think it qualifies: I’ve moved it to here

(Screenshot only below, now)

Screen Shot 2023-09-26 at 12.10.41


Naw, I don’t think there’s ever a bad time to question whether twitter has any validity whatsoever. I didn’t even notice at first- just saw the pics in the embeds and thought, “yeah this is pretty cool.” Kind of want to rescind my nomination now! Open to suggestion for new game rules.


The contest is an ongoing response to rumblings that “BoingBoing doesn’t post wonderful things anymore,” but the last thing I want to do is gatekeep what’s supposed to be a fun diversion. The mutants will decide in one week!