Watch someone embroider a stunning design into the holes of a public bench

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A genuine Wonderful Thing in the wild! :heart_eyes:


Consider me cheered up! Must ponder if there are lower key things I could do around my own neighbourhood to cheer up others.


Not only visually nice, but will probably counteract the hostile architecture of the heat-robbing metal bench.


Thank you for sharing this. I love this so much!


Slightly, because it’s a very thin layer of fiber held pretty tight to the surface.

But it creates it’s own hostility by retaining moisture, so on any day where there was dew, well, you won’t want to sit there until the sun has warmed it up AND dried it out.

How appealing to sit on will it be after a year of exposure to the elements, spilled food, vandalism, and perhaps even bodily fluids?

Simple perf metal isn’t “hostile architecture” any more than a classis stone bench is, it’s just environment appropriate. In fact, it warms up pretty fast because metal doesn’t absorb much heat and has all those punched holes reducing mass / contact area. Those nice traditional stone benches, THOSE will drain heat out of yah on a chilly day!

What makes them hostile or not is the shape / accessories used (also sadly common on any other bench type, even wood). The bench shown here does not show such features, that I see. So I don’t think it has been functionally improved at all. Visually… eh, tastes differ, and again I wonder what it will look like given a year or two, and who is gonna clean it up at that point.


There was someone doing this in my neighborhood a few years ago, albeit with vastly simpler designs. Our yarn bomber stuck to basic rainbow designs. The longevity of the yarn never really came into play. Each installation was removed by someone within about a week. I never found out if it was removed by a city employee, grumpy neighbor, or the artist. We still get the occasional tree or parking meter decorated, but I haven’t seen a bench in a while.

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