Epic Pokemon portrait in colored beads—and it's only half-done

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i don’t get why anyone would do this. :slight_smile:

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Because the original 151 species roster was perfect and we have no need for the 600-odd additional IMPOSTERS :wink:

It’s important to make kids these days remember what’s really important


My God how sad. Thank goodness they have excellent health care over there.

On the one hand, this is mental. On the other hand, there’s something profound about people marking out the seconds, minutes and hours of their existence in a permanent form like this. And it’s better than cross-stitch.


Really? What is sad about that?


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I mean, don’t we all have our own hobbies?

I don’t see anything sadder about that one, than this one.


Fun? :smiley:
I sometimes make jewels from metal and glass. Not really sure myself why. But it is a nice way to relax.


I can see bead art being relaxing and therapeutic. Not having to think too hard. Just following the blueprint and executing the same actions repeatedly. Solving “simple” problems (IE huge problems that ruin a whole row of beads, but at least the mistake was simple.)


Isn’t mosaic a better descriptor than ‘portrait’? And that landscape orientation offends my pedantry as would starting a sentence with the word “And” or being inconsistent with single / double quotes.

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It’s only half finished. It will presumably be twice that height when completed and have a true portrait orientation

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Any chance she’s about to be giving a cease and desist letter?


How does this work, mechanically? I’m only familiar with sealing Perler beads by running a steam iron over the surface, but that doesn’t seem feasible in this case, and doing it incrementally would seem to result in uneven heating.

If they send her one it should at the very least be embroidered.


Someone else asked about ironing, in the comments on the linked page. The artist replied:

i didnt iron it :slight_smile:
i used some strong double sided tape, to put it on the background board, and painted a thin layer of epoxy over it, to keet it in place :slight_smile:


fml, I should have rtfa. wtf.

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