Hollow rock turns into a router full of survival info when you build a fire beside it


Or you could just leave a survival book and some supplies in a sealed container.


7zip aes256 encrypted, with a looong passphrase. It’s really, really easy.


@doctorow’s “Neuenkirchen, Germany” is a good enough location for a US site, but Aram’s “Neuenkirchen, Niedersachsen” is mischievous: In the state of Lower Saxony ~ 10 municipalities are named Neuenkirchen :slightly_smiling:


If you don’t like megacorps, you could use an out of town family member or friend, but they are likely to lose or erase and use your drive.

The companies I mentioned are not likely to fail overnight. There will be time to move your data if they begin to fail. And if there is a local or regional disaster, these companies will still exist and the data will be there when you regain access.

I’m sure there are some smaller companies that could provide this service, but it’d be harder to research.


I drive my knife into Li poly battery in router use that to start fire.


It’s not practical, it’s art, so it’s not much different than the Perler bead Pokemon portrait, other than that I’m more impressed with the Pokemon thing.


Could they at least leave a dynamo and some wires by it that I could you to get a spark to start a fire.


How is this not irony? Why wouldn’t it be better to have 4-5 copies of an insightfully-compiled paper book in the rock, protected by a combination lock (or fire activated lock)? And a few thumb drives with the info as well, so the Burning Man set approves?


It would be better to have matches.


Seriously. This is straight out of a LucasArts adventure game.

Light fire
Use fire on rock
Use laptop on rock
Read survival documents
Build shelter


Have we not already established that I’m over the “pick your favorite song/poem and use the first letters in each line” concept of passphrases?


There must be at least one new church in every town, right?


In one of the Space Quest games, you had to enter the alien laboratory on Mars, find a small rock formation emitting puffs of steam, put a rock you gathered in a previous scene on top of that, blocking the steam, and that’s how you open the door. That’s probably as intuitive as a doorknob to a Martian or Sierra Games developer, but I had to buy the gameplay manual in order to pass that relatively early level.

Glad to hear that the German forest uses the same style of intuitive logic. I hope you already have a broken Coke bottle and tattered underwear in your inventory, or that fire is not gonna happen.


I’m sure the future sentient life that inhabits the planet after we died off (possibly robot, but I wouldn’t rule out intelligent cats) with find it a treasure trove of info.


The Wikipedia articles are not very detailled, but it seems as if Neuenkirchen (Low German: Nyenkerken and similar) was a popular name for start-up cities in the 11th/12th century. As they were often first mentioned with this name it’s probably likely that a church was built in an otherwise boring and uninteresting hamlet - so not new as contrast to an old church building, but an upgraded village with a new parish.


New from LucasArts: Lord Of The Flies - The Adventure Game!


You found the plastic water bottle and the mud to make the brown water to swap with the coke bottle then.


Guide for the Wearing erit of Orders, Decorations and Medals.pdf

It’s good to know that, come the apocalypse, the survivors will at least be aware that wearing miniatures during the day is something that one does not do.


Moon Logic: Works in Mars, too!


But can we play Minecraft on it? Because future generations will be most likely to die of boredom.