Kickstarter to give away one thousand free ice cream cones


Self-promotion wrapped in a sentiment. Why not buy 1,000 meals for families who are hungry? Not as quirky and fun, is it?

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I did a 45-day promotion on Indiegogo to try to raise money to produce a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure ePub. I got $0.

But crap like this gets funded.

I’m beginning to actively hate humanity.

Oh, well. Mine only has a matter of hours left. I’m not linking to it because the last time I did that, it was on Reddit, and all I got out of that was yelled at for asking for too much money and because my video was crap (because I’m not a professional and if I could afford a professional, why the hell would I be asking for money?) Nah, I’m going to try again, and take cues from projects like this. No sense in dwelling on FOR GOD’S SAKE JUST BUY AN ICE CREAM CONE FOR SOMEONE YOURSELF YOU SHEEP


contact me I have 100k+ Twitter followers and an interest in CYA, perhaps I can help!


Whoa. Hey, there.

Thank you for responding! I was mostly joking, but I greatly appreciate the offer. Give me a couple of days to work on my pitch; the original pitch is awful.

I almost hate to involve anyone with any pull, because if I get this published, it will be the first thing I’ve ever had published. Further, the only things I’ve got to show so far are a dodgy Ruby script that “compiles” a bunch of Markdown + headers into an ePub, and a steno pad with notes.

But if I have Jeff Atwood’s attention, do I dare give up at this point? I think not.

Thanks again! I will be contacting you in the near future.

Folks do a lot of this sort of giving at Burning Man, but they don’t expect anything in return, nor do they expect other people to fund their generosity. It’s a gift to the community, you see.

What’s wrong with quirky and fun? The only thing better than buying somebody an ice cream is having an anonymous person buy you an ice cream.

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Seems like they don’t want to buy ice cream. They want other people to buy ice cream for them to give away

No time for fun until everything is properly fixed. We will need a consultant to help us determine what is worth our time. Perhaps Kasier is free?

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As others said: They’re just trying to grab the donation cred for other people’s donations. Why not just say “Let’s make Aug 17th [author’s note: my son’s birthday] National Give Someone an Ice Cream Cone Day.” ?

Because then there wouldn’t be a movie about it. The project’s not just about giving away ice cream, it’s about documenting it. Also, how are they taking credit? If you back at the $10 level they tell the recipient the name of the donor.

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They paid for 10,000 meals through the LA Regional Food Bank on MaxFunDay. This is something different.

Why not buy 1 meal for a family who is hungry, instead of watching television?
Why not buy 1 meal for a family who is hungry, instead of wasting time commenting on BoingBoing?
Why not buy 1 meal for a family who is hungry, instead of buying a d–n computer in the first place?

This comment will be redacted and a voluminous apology proffered upon proof that you are an subsistence homesteader squatting on abandoned land, using a public library computer when you are not volunteering your time and money at a soup kitchen.

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The amazing thing is “Quirky and fun” has probably lead to more real advancement than serious pondering of all our woe.

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